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Warg farming possible?

Hi all
I have Kerberus and i want to level its summon after death: the warg.
I did almost every quest and opened already tons of packs but i cant get it.
How can i recieve a warg?

The best answer would be a way to farm it multiple times.
Thanks a lot

Just keep opening chests until you get one. Then level it up and get more to ascend it. Bear in mind that Gold chests won’t give you Warg, so you need to focus on Glory and above (Event keys need only apply as described below).

A good method could be to wait for a Maugrim Woods weekly event and then use whatever event keys you can get your hands on.


You don’t need to have a warg in order to summon one. Its level will be based on the level of your Kerberos, so level him up.

No thats simply not true. It summons a warg but its unlevelled. Same with the spider that summons the spider eggs: they are unfusionated and unlevelled and unskilled if u give them no love.
Thanks for those good advices Sin Ogaris


I’ll be honest I had no idea how trait based summons worked in terms of their power, as ability based summons are generally dependant on magic skill, but cannot exceed the summoner level, I guess it makes sense that if its trait based it would just pull from whatever you have, but it’s also not unusual to think that it would follow the same rules as an ability based summon.

In any case, you’ll get one eventually, just got to keep opening chests.

Also if you happen to be in a guild, make sure you are doing your seals every week so you can open guild chests as well, that’s another chance to get it (obviously so long as the chest level is sufficient to get blue rarity, which I believe is the second chest type after the guild has dropped 2500 seals into the kitty, my numbers might be off there though).

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That’s the difference, makes sence :slight_smile:

To confirm, traitsummons are always the level (and rarity and traits) of the troop as it appears in your collection.

Warg (any any other arbitrary specific ultra-rare) is currently about a 1 in 662 chance to obtain from a glory key, and about a 1 in 152 chance to obtain from a gem chest. These chances get worse with every ultra-rare released. It may take a while to get even one, let alone enough copies to get ascensions, but you’ll eventually see them through random keys after playing long enough.

The only ways to target it are from Event Keys when it is Maugrim Woods event week (you might see this once or twice in a year, nothing slated for the next several months currently) and red or purple Summoning Stones on weeks where it is available (random availability, you need to check each week to see if it is available). I don’t recommend using either unless you are targeting something of higher rarity also in the drop pool, as the resource quantities you need to ascend it are quite substantial either way, but something to be aware of if you still need your first copy and they happen to be in these drop pools.


Depending on how desperate you are to get one, there is the arena option. The cards available at the end are overpriced, but you might have better odds there.