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Warg... 20% chance my Aussie ar$e

Ok, so the person I just fought had 2 warg in first and second position.
I played a TEN MINUTE GAME because this butt head seemed to have unlimited life.
First thing that I found funny, I never killed the Warg in first position so that there was an empty space, and I kill the second one. Then randomly a second one appears in the second position, but there’s one still in first position with about 8 health left.
I then get it in my head to video the rest of the match, and I would need my guildmates to help me count the amount of times I hit those bloody things and they resurrected.


I FINALLY won the match, but there is a serious glitch with this guy.

his third trait is mess with aussies :slight_smile: If he is truly bugged, well the devs are aussies so, what I said still makes sense for once.

Lol well I still say it’s bugged and I have a video of the last half of my fight to prove it haha

Share the video let us see your reactions each time they re spawn :smiley:

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Best title i have seen.

Just skip the people that insist on fielding a 4x Kerberos/Warg troll team would be my advice.


The xp is definitely not worth the anguish…


Have to say I agree Macawi. :wink: 9 ressurections.

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I certainly hope this isn’t the direction that the game is heading. Having to defeat enough troops that would usually win 3-4 games, in one game is not my idea of fun.


I enjoy 7-10 minute games! Don’t you?! Said nobody ever.

Maybe their New Year Resolution could include testers to avoid this…? :smirk:


Having a team of trusted testers would certainly help to avoid some of these issues.


I do! As long as I win them. I can handle the loss in efficiency as long as it’s an interesting battle, and I get something out of it. If I lose, then the time feels completely wasted.

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Super fun battle…


This isn’t a new bug, it is a long standing issue where a troop that dies and is replaced by a summoned troop on that same turn doesn’t get fully “cleaned up”, resulting in the dead troop’s traits staying active. We’ve seen it with Orbweaver being replaced by a spider, we’ve seen it with various “Do x on 4+ match” troops like Famine and Sylvaniamora, and now we are seeing it with Kerberos. There are are 4 Kerberos, with a 25% on each, then when the first dies there is about a 70% chance you’re going to get a Warg to pop. If the the bug hits, the Warg will have the Kerberos still, so that 70% doesn’t change. But you get an extra chance from Warg’s trait too.

This likely isn’t a data issue, so it is going to take an update to correct

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We seen it with purple imp too. Transformed troops always leave their traits behind them.

I would love to, but the file wasn’t accepted lol