War is underwhelming


Am I the only one that is a little underwhelmed by War? For a 30 mana cost (and yes it is easier to fill pulling 3 colors) you get 12 damage plus attack on one enemy. And his 3rd trait is +1 attack per turn seems underwhelming. I try to play fast and two of his traits take time to be effective. Admittedly I haven’t tried a build with him yet and ( I do have several copies), he just didn’t spark my interest all that much. I liked the idea of tri-color troops though.


I’m inclined to agree. Ice I’ve only played him once so far because I need to do som disenchantment tonight for sweet sweet souls.

@tacet lists some good builds in his video.


I play on ps4… so I won’t get to use him for ages… but he doesn’t seem that good I’m way more jealous of the 2 new legendaries… they look scary…


There are so many troops that aren’t great (and by that i don’t mean that you shouldn’t complain), but gotta wait and see if the other Horsemen of Apocalypse will work well together, maybe the next ones have a sinergy to help on the mana collection. Who knows?


Yeah I’m wondering about that myself. Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence. Death’s ability: Armageddon if all four horseman have full mana on cast win the game; otherwise place death mark on all enemies.


Which horsemen is supposed to be the first and of that the weakest horsemen?


Also if famine does not contain devour i will be sad. Pestilence i hope contains disease.


I guess it is War, right? War, Famine, Pestilence, Death? Or are Famine and Pestilence flipped?


War most definitely has a front-line “kit,” though he really needs support to stay alive. None of the horsemen sound (by name) to be support-types, so…we’ll have to see.

I gave my feedback on another thread, and I’m on mobile now so too lazy to find it, but my assessment is that he costs too much and blocks too much mana to be a front-liner, but putting him in back ruins his kit, which is skull-damage focused.


Pestilence is supposed to be first :joy: then then war followed by famine and lastly death :sweat_smile: we lucked out guy we lucked out.


War: The most destructive aspect that starts the end of times.
Famine: Follows the destruction, crops set aflame by War, the ashes suffocating the soil.
Pestilence: Weakened by hunger life starts to wither, diseases and plagues spreads everywhere.
Death: The final rest, the end of all.

War = Raw damage, conflict, skull oriented.
Famine = Jinx, mana starving/draining.
Pestilence = Poison, Disease, negative status in general.
Death = Death mark, lethal damage too probably.


I was going with christian mythology. I can understand that the horseman’s order can be disputed as there is no one text that confirms with another or clearly states which one comes first. Also the bible only names death as a horseman but not the other three. I do like that jesus is seen as the lamb of god and it is the lamb that releases the four horsemen on the world. Even if it is the same lamb i still find it funny. If we want we could go with the supernatural version, then the order is War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Pray famine is like in supernatural and devours like the dickens.