War is in the soulforge

There’s a big problem when searching the internet for tips about using War as his name appears in the title of the game:roll_eyes:
So, is he worth crafting? What are your best teams with him in? Any tips? Ta!

I would argue that War isn’t worth crafting. There are other mythic troops that are better (Infernus, The Possessed King, TINA-9000, maybe Famine, maybe Megavore, and definitely a few others I am forgetting offhand), and War doesn’t help with stars of kingdom power.

(Caveat: I just crafted War since reset, because he was one of four mythic troops I didn’t already have—and he came up first.)

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He seems as though he should be a heavy hitter, in the correct team

True, but I am far too lazy to figure out how to build a team around him. Use Ketras for OHKO ability, or Ubastet for instagibs.

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I do have both of those lol

IMO, if you don’t have it already, Euryali is better to craft because it works well with Scorpius’ Insta-kill poisoned enemies.

War was the very first mythic, he can get quite powerful during matches that last long. Unfortunately, the game has sped up during the past years, War hasn’t really aged well. My advice would be to craft the other mythics that contribute to kingdom power first, War belongs to Armageddon, so you’ll never get any resource/stat boost out of him.

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