War Coins on the Adventure Board today!

FINALLY a War Coins epic task! thank you thank you.


Thanks for finally putting them in the drop pool devs. Ninja fix FTW!!!



Now, what banner to buy…

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I went with Burning banner, aka Tink Steamwhistle Team banner.

Great, but will someone tell Luther to SHUT UP!

Yes, I know I’ve got enough to buy a War Band, you don’t need to keep reminding me…!!!

That was my exact question as well.

After review, definitely do not buy the Cunning banner (Goblin Gang - Red+2/Green+1/Brown-1) because the Maze banner (Green+2/Red+2/Purple-1) makes it obsolete.

I’m going to take Tangle banner (Green+2/Yellow+1/Purple-1), because I hardly use purple troops.

Where does one buy a banner?

Finally! :slight_smile:

It’s in the shop tab under Warbands :+1:

Sorry for my cluelessness. I don’t see banners. Do I have to guess at which warband might include a useful banner? Does the interface have a confirmation dialog?

It took so bleeping long to finally acquire some war coins that I don’t want to waste them.

Thank you.

If you click on the options, it brings up a small picture that shows what you’re getting.

To save you the trouble:

Armored Legion: +2 Green, +1 Yellow, -1 Brown
Goblin Gang: +2 Red, +1 Green, -1 Brown
Fire and Fury: +2 Red, +1 Yellow, -1 Blue
Entangled Woods: +2 Green, +1 Yellow, -1 Purple
Vampire Thirst: +2 Purple, +1 Green, -1 Brown


I wonder if it will be another 4 1/2 months before they appear again? :laughing:


Also if these are legendary rolls, they could/should have been Imperial deeds…


They are Legendary because new players get a lot of Warbands. Every Kingdom quest completed gives them 15.

I was hoping for more than 30 though.

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As others have said, they’re in the Shop under Warbands.

If you go to Troops/ Banners and filter on “unowned” you can see big versions of the ones you don’t have.


Shopping warbands in the shop of warbands. :rofl: