Wanted: 2 new recruits to join our merry all be it somewhat wet bunch aka the Scubadivers

The scubadivers are recruiting. :diving_mask:
Fun and active guild.
Participation in weekly events required, no obligation to buy in extra sigils.
Guild war fights are to be done daily (bracket 14)
500K gold (exempt if kingdoms aren’t at level 10)
1500 seals
300 trophies
Minimum level 600 (is negotiable), no gold requirements if kingdoms are not at level 10.
Discord recommended.

I’m interested in joining your guild

I would love very much to join your guild

Hmm … Seems like you also answered to an old post … :grin:
Anyway, nice to hear from you, now could you tell me a bit more of yourself?
I mean like current level etc …
Or try to find me in global chat 002, I’m a frequent visitor there.