Want us to help making the game better? please hear this

Care less about my attitude, but more about my ideals.
Now, right to the point.

No need for more UI improvements, most of us feel fine about the UI as how it’s been.
As a match-3 RPG type of games, system is Always a bigger thing than new contents. Not all of us enjoy Delves, Doom towers, etc. Instead, polishing the game from old content is the priority.

The most needed system for the stage of the game now is to make the same team, same troop different. I’m speaking about troop and hero runes, troop and hero equipment, talents, or anything you can come up with to make them different.
Right now, almost everything is bind to a certain requirement. Pets are, troops are, kingdom bonuses are too. Players almost have no way to customize their troops or teams to differ from others. So that is why nowadays just few teams out there are dominating the PVP and certain events. Simply because we are lacking for variations of the single unit.
Let’s take some popular teams for example.
Rope darts have dragged millions of squishes to the front of the team and beat up them hard.
Ubastat had millions of double kills in the past year till it got nerfed from 4:1 to 6:1 dmg ratio, and still double killing.
But, what if one day when I use rope dart and drag a infernus to the front, and hit him with few skulls without dying, suddenly I realize that “oh damn, he’s skull dmg taken reduce talented!” or something like “damn, he has silence reflection armor”.
@The biggest problem about Rope dart@ tbh, is that extra turn. It is almost unfair compare to a lot of other weapons. We cannot even set up a defensive move before getting hit right after the main dps dragged to the front of the team, and killed instantly with rage. This problem is even bigger than having a weapon that creats xx color of gems with an extra turn…
Runes, troop equipment, and a lot of different tools can make such a difference in play styles. Instead of when I’m seeing a 13k Famine team during a guild war I’ll be like “damn, I lose this one already.”
Right now there’s none we can use to fight certain team. Some teams just cannot beat another no matter what.

Take mana burn spell for another example, Mythic Skadi loses when she’s fighting Yao guai, King Silenus or whatever is immune to her spell. What about the rest of the troops as a blue team? The rest I have Azura, Valk, and whatever, which are all pretty impossible to beat them. Afterwards we have a conclusion that Skadi is not a very reliable mythic, or, there are few teams out there counters skadi pretty hard. For devs that’s the end of the story, and for us we might just take it as “hum, I guess that’s what immunity is for.”
Now you can see the reason why there are just few teams dominating certain mode and events. Because they are too universal, versatile, and reliable. To achieve a certain goal I’ll just have to use Queen of lust or Skeleton key no mater how much I hate them.

Speaking of team variations, pets system that we already have is the perfect beginning. Why we have to have these certain requirements to active the pet bonuses? Why we can’t just pick up to 2 or 3 pets for the bonus stats? I want my divine team to have different bonus stats than the opponent’s. Or we are meant to be exactly the same?

I know it will be a long long time before anything happens. But still, I just hope this is something they could consider one day in the future since I enjoyed this game a lot, and I’m still seeing the potential of GoW comparing to other match-3s out there. More possibilities for building a team, to me personally, is 10x more enjoyable than any other mode. We don’t really need that many new modes as I put the reasons above already since it is a match 3 game not a MMOR. Polish the game and bring out new system can really solve the problem of GoW.