Wandering Wombats needs new blood

Wandering Wombats is looking for a few active players. We are an active guild trying to become more competitive and looking to grow. Our minimum requirements are level 300, 50k gold (our gold donation has 3 tiers: lvl 300-500 pay 50K, lvl 500-1000 pay 100K, and 1000 and above pay 300K), 250 seals, 25 trophies & event participation. The level of event participation is not set in stone but the more the better. We have a lot of long time guild members that are very generous and willing to help with team suggestions and any questions.

We currently hit 40k seals for guild chests every week. Complete all the first level guardians, and usually close all stages of guild events. Discord is recommended but not essential.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, look us up and mention in the guild chat that you saw this message!