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Vulcan's Flame needing Active Players!

I have recently reorganized this guild (under new leadership).

Hammering Our Foes into Glory!

I brought most of this guild up to level 1,338. We have 2,209 trophies. Most of those were earned by myself. I am looking for motivated players who can help me get this guild into the top 100. Must play daily and contribute gold, 150k-250k a week, to tasks for guild bonus, our’s is low;

water mastery: 10
fire mastery: 9
magic mastery: 9
nature mastery: 10
wind mastery: 10
earth mastery: 9

Sherm’s rank:

level: 205
Champion of Maugrim Woods 1
trophies over all: 1,433
gold overall: 1,599,267
gold weekly so far: 2,100
Kingdoms: 21
Troops: 139

I want competitive players, who will bring this guild into Glory!
So please join our epic guild today. We have cookies and milk.

Is your name related to Pon Farr? In Amok Time, Spock said, “I burn T’Pau. My eyes are flame. My heart is flame”; hence, Vulcan’s Flame?

Or is it simply the god of fire in Roman mythology.

Just curious… either is cool… no idea why I am asking… just have a free bump :banana:

Regardless, good luck with the guild :sunglasses:

Hammer them down for our glory!! Vulcan the god of fire.

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