Volcanic Golem "Magma Barrier" spell will not target some gems

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 11

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Spell description says, “Explode a Gem.” After casting, you can select a gem on the board to explode. However, not all gem types are selectable. For example, Booty Gems and Bomb Gems are not selectable. If you try to select them, nothing happens.

I expected all gem types to be targetable as the spell description doesn’t specify that only certain types of gems can be exploded.

I do not know if other special/heroic gems types are affected, as I have not tested them all. The spell works as expected if you select a regular mana gem or skull.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Unknown. I presume it has always been like this. I only unlocked the Volcanic Golem in the last couple of days, and the spell has consistently not worked on special gems.

Steps to make it happen again
Have Volcanic Golem in your team. Cast Magma Barrier when there is a Booty Gem or Bomb Gem on the board. Try to target the spell on the Booty Gem or Bomb Gem. Observe that nothing happens, and the battle does not progress until you select a different gem.

The issue that those gem types are not matchable (bomb, wish, booty, gargoyle, stone blocks) therefore not available as target for any troop that requires to select a (just) gem, nothing to do with Volcanic Golem specifically.

At the moment I don’t feel like delving into how it should be working and how it should be fixed, just telling what it is that you’re experiencing.


Thanks Dust_Angel.
So do you think it is a game bug? Or is it a problem with the wiki/documentation?

The Heroic Gems pages implies that Bomb Gems can be targeted by spells:


I think the intent is that certain Spells can target them specifically (e.g. “Destroy all Bomb Gems”). They can also be affected by spells that pick Gems at random.

Note that spells targeting a row/column on the board require you to select a Gem to indicate the row/column by, so while these probably should allow you to select a row/column filled entirely with inert Gem types, in practice you cannot.


Gosh it’s confusing!

I think the intent is that certain Spells can target them specifically (e.g. “Destroy all Bomb Gems”). They can also be affected by spells that pick Gems at random.

Thank you.

So if I understand…
When a spell says “a Gem” it actually means “a matchable Gem”, which is the way Dust_Angel described them.

So whenever a spell prompts me to choose a Gem on the board, I should expect that it will not allow me to select a non-matchable Gem.

Does the AI/opponent have the same limitation? For example, if I was playing against a team with the Volcanic Golem, is the AI also unable to cast the explode spell on non-matchable gems?

(If so, then it would be helpful if they added the word ‘matchable’ to spell descriptions, just as some spells specify “a Mana Gem”, so you know that the spell can only be cast on certain gems.)

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I would go for problematic documentation.
The observed behavior of different types of heroic gems across the board seems uniform enough for it to be a conscious design choice, whereas the way they present, tell and document stuff has always been…shall we say - lacking.


Presumably, yes. When they cast spells affecting a gem/row/column of choice you can see which Gem was selected for the cast. (But if you can catch video of the cpu manually selecting a non-matching Gem for spellcast, submit it as a bug report)