Void Portal Summoned a DIRE WOLF ... Sort of

Something is terribly wrong here.

Not staged. Dire Wolf has no extra attack like everything else does (from Sacrifice’s third trait).


Portal summoned Warg which died and left a Wolf behind?

That’s the most plausible explanation I can think of.

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Agreed. Though the question then becomes, why did Warg die?

I do have to agree that sounds like it summoned a Warg, which has died and triggered the Dire Wolf.

Again, if I had to throw a wild guess, I’d say Lamia charmed the spider while there was nothing under it, then the summoned Warg got a delayed hit from the Spider on summon.

This is made even more plausible by the fact that the Lamia is the only enemy troop with no mana, so it probably just cast its spell the turn before.

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That, or @Shimrra looked away for a minute after casting, didn’t see the opponent’s turn happen, which was Lamia casting its spell on the spider. In which case nothing is wrong. But I can’t speak for him/her.

Most likely scenario given the drudgery here.

I totally spaced on Warg summoning Dire Wolves now. That would explain it.

Title edited to reflect my silliness. Nothing to see here! Move along!