Voice of Orpheus bugged?

So VoO has always worked this way:

Displayed damage +1 + mana from all other allied troops.

With the latest patch, 4.4, and the added damage showing under the ratio, it is including the mana from Voice in the calculations, but not in the damage it deals.

Which way is the correct way for it to work?? Should its own mana be included or is it a bug that has just been over looked??

Here we have another one of those that is working as “intended”. Officially, I believe the way VoO calculates actual damage is “correct” (I can’t find one for this specifically, but I know this has been stated as intended for things that work similarly), which would make the displayed damage boost “incorrect”, but really its another silly interaction based on “how the game works”.

The boost ratio display can only calculate based on current conditions. Things that have unknown variables before casting, like having boosts based off something that was requires a targeting input, are intentionally not displayed. All it can tell you is that “this is the amount of extra damage this spell would gain from the boost ratio based on the current conditions”. The system doesn’t recognize that the conditions can change as soon as you press the cast button. If it did, it probably wouldn’t show you the calculation at all, deeming it “unknowable”, just like the ones that require targeting. This will also be the case for things that boost off submerge or enchant or bless where the caster can have said buff before casting but it is removed when the cast button is pressed, long before the damage calculation step is reached.

So, lets talk potential “fixes”:

  • Make it so the damage calculates like the boost ratio display indicates. Probably a best case, since a lot of these spells actually seem like they are tuned for this, whether or not it is has been stated in the past that this is “working as intended”. Probably wont happen. Would require a lot of reordering of the fundamental way spells process, which is probably steeped in legacy code, to “fix” a few barely fringe used spells.
  • Hide the boost ratio calc for these spells. Well, they are “incorrect”, and this is probably the easiest fix, however, there is a better, probably still pretty easy option…
  • Change all affected spells to consider boost ratio candidates of “all other allies” rather than “all allies” (sekhma uses this type of boost ratio candidate filter already), and change the spell text to match this. The system will now automatically report correct boost ratio calculations and the spell text will be closer to correct. This has been brought up before the system also displayed misleading information based on how the spell is worded (and also apparently coded on the back end).

To a lesser degree, this has always been an “issue” with things like Arcane, which triggers on your own spell casting, granting you one higher damage than displayed. The way the boost ratio display works can also be slightly off by things like Ubastet vs a team of enemy Grudge users, Tesla vs Inscribed, Fel’Dras vs Portent Centaurs, etc. But all of these in favor of the caster, so way less of an issue than something that is reporting lethal damage but falls short.

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Hey smash :grinning:

You have to subtract 21 from the boost total as you know. The boost stat should reflect the actual damage.

We’ve been doing the calculations for so long that we should have stuck with it but I liked the ease of just adding two numbers instead of 4.

Now I add two numbers and subtract one. And sometimes take 75 or 80% of that. Maths.

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