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Visual indication on underworld map of factions with delve in-progress

I often don’t have time to spend all 3 delve sigils in a day, so I will use a sigil to start a delve in a faction, and not finish it until the following day (or sometimes several days later). It would be really nice if I could see at a glance which factions already have active sigils and which do not. A small symbol next to the faction icon on the map would be ideal.


This is a very minor QOL improvement, but it would require additional graphical assets so it won’t happen.

But it would be nice. Especially if it showed you the current level of the delve. Hell, the 1x level for a delve should be shown on the world map. Kingdom levels and power levels are shown on the world map, after all.

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The same symbol could be re-used on the overworld to denote kingdoms with an active Explore. Despite the pessimist above me, I think this is a reasonable request: just a small icon the same size as the current orange/purple ones that are used to signify explore bonuses or open quests.


+1 This would also be helpful for those times you get called away or have to stop mid-delve and then want to come back to it later or next day.