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VirginiaApplejack, our Shiny New Dev Human (Sort Of)

Hello, adventurers! Over the weekend a few of you were interacting with @VirginiaApplejack regarding how the promotion on XBox worked. There was a little confusion as to who she was with people wondering if she wasn’t part of our team.

I’m making this post to quickly rectify this misconception. Virginia works alongside me on the 505 side of things. She also works with first party for their initiatives and has the most up to date, correct information when it comes to their promotions.

Those of you who join me on stream will also see her popping up in chat, as she is one of my moderators. Please treat her kindly and with respect, she is an amazing coworker and all around great human.


Congrats, @VirginiaApplejack, welcome to the team! Nice meeting you yesterday!

Also, first!


Congrats virginia!

So will she get special icon?

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She already has. :slight_smile:

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I just gave her the dev gem. :slight_smile:


Lol cool just saw it by clicking on her name

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Jinx jinx!

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I wondered what was up in Discord yesterday but rolled with it. Congrats and hello!

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Welcome to the forum, @VirginiaApplejack :smiley_cat:

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@VirginiaApplejack, welcome and such.

For some reason, methinks mewants to see this dev team member’s avatar/icon changed to Queen’s Herald or War Cleric.

But, I suppose that box of cereal could suffice… or a nice picture of a Virginia ham.

Or, both. :upside_down_face:

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You seem to be very focused on pointing out that she is a human. A shiny human. A very normal shiny human who is absolutely not our new robotic overlord, here to conquer us for the glory of Robotica, beep boop beep. Definitely a human.


I, for one, welcome our new 505 Overlord. run!!

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Welcome to the Forums @VirginiaApplejack! This a great group of people who love this game… probably more than is appropriate now that I think about it… :thinking:




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Thank you all so much for the very kind welcome! I feel very e-hugged :blush:

I like the way you think, @TheDragonSeoul! Queen Herald it is.


Welcome, @VirginiaApplejack!

sheepish: I’m sorry for reporting you last week! I hope that helped you get your mod badge. i promise to play nicely from here on out.

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No need to be sorry! You did the right thing. I enjoy being a lurker, and don’t quite feel like I’m at a “dev” status, but it IS good that I have an official-looking gem if I’m going to speak to official matters :slight_smile: Nice to e-meet you!

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You don’t have that nice shield icon that @Saltypatra has…

Maybe I should ask to just change my nickname to ‘Gems of War dev’ too :thinking:

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You might need to clear your cache or something. I see the gem icon on her avatar.

Um… maybe re-read my post :wink:

He is talking about the shield icon to the right of devs name.