#vipvictim (poll?)


For the amount that we’ve paid to get so far into VIP something like this needs to be inputted into the game atm being VIP 11 the gem key a day and 4 glory keys bonus souls etc…it’s not enough it’s nothing especially when opening the keys get’s nothing for it were as VIP keys would show more promise than the usual glory and gem keys would (because of the obvious) but yano we’ve put real money into a game that we like etc and for what something that won’t give us something that has been our monies worth? Alas I may get flamed for this but yeah sure it’s something that we haven’t exactly paid for with the gems and w/e we have all spent our money on but with what has been released into the game etc recently and not even getting anything new to say the least my last mythic on console felt to be an age away even since i’ve became VIP 11 and yeah yeah ppl will moan that it’ll be pay to win but if it’s pay to win then what about wisps and krakens etc that don’t have to be paid for or other than people’s RNG luck… yeah they’ve upgraded the VIP’s with team slots and lvl 20 but… who’s gonna want that? Especially when gem’s have been nerfed from guild tasks etc and so on would like to see bigger improvement to the way VIP players get things at certain level’s.
Answer is Yes I would spend if something like a vip key comes my way a day with some gem’s like idk 5 or so gems level dependant?


So what vip level are you delinquent?


I’ve got a Tier 5 and a Tier 3 account. I’ve spent a decent amount of money.

If I’m being honest, and I think most people feel this way: I stopped spending b/c I felt like there was nothing worth spending my money on b/c the economy was so out-of-whack. They give away so much stuff freely that there was no need to ever spend again. I was getting everything I ever wanted. And many people have echoed this with “Give me something to spend on!” threads.

They tried stuff like cosmetics and have said it was a huge failure, and I know I didn’t want to spend on that anyway. Mythics seem like the only thing that’s been a big success and it’s no surprise to me: People want rare/powerful troops at the end of the day. So it’s also not a big surprise to me that they removed uncapped gems. The shock is that it ever existed. It’s crazy that a F2P game would be so generous that you’d never need to spend even to get the most valuable and rarest stuff in the game. I just don’t think that’s a reasonable expectation for a F2P game.

I’m honestly shocked, every month, that they don’t announce an impending closure.


Thanks, very insightful.


That’s why the VIP bonus is somewhat aimed by dollar spenders. It’s not anymore a bonus but a reason to give dollars.

And no reply from the devs… Not sure if it’s not the publisher that manages this part… Has 505 games a forum like that so we can complain? :stuck_out_tongue:

Poor try that they did (ie Hero avatar).
I still don’t understand why they didn’t try a 5$ pack with the skull visuals (ie St Patrick and the other one) as they are already done…

You shouldn’t:

  • hiring a community manager and another dev is not a sign of close bankrupting
  • generally, when you do a new UI is for the long-term, I don’t see it as a desesperate move to find new players…
  • Nimhaim/Sirrian seem quite happy during the stream :slight_smile:


Almost 50 votes and so far a whopping 84% would spend money again if vip rewards were reworked. Let’s get more votes guys!


dont want to burst your bubble but, would * consider :sweat_smile:


‘consider’ spending money is definitely better for the game than people refusing to because they’re pissed off.


Even if I got some VIP keys at the weekly reset instead of daily it would still be something! One VIP Key per week per level 5+

A Different Perspective

Bump, I think we might see more action.


I would never again put money into this game. Period.

Lol. How they’ve managed to get away with this is beyond me. It’s a struggle for people to grind as is now they’ve not only nerfed the task rewards, but V.I.P & gathering the gold too.

Dark days.


I am a VIP level 5… or 6… and I stopped spending because there isn’t anything to spend on. If you have a team of mythic Krakens, and a single Forrest Troll, you’re good…

There is nothing in this game that can stand up to the loop… even AFTER the tentacles nerf, even with immunity to being devoured. I am either going to destroy everything in .2 seconds, or I’m going to retreat and try my luck again with no penalty.

This speaks of a major balance problem in the game. What can a VIP chest give me? A troop to be devoured by Kraken or frozen by Mab, or some stones to upgrade… what exactly? Troops to be devoured to give the other team a buff?

The only viable counter to any of this is Psion, and rather than spending money to get enough of him, I’d rather just restart with a fresh battle that I’ll probably win anyways… with very little effort… :confused:


I agree wholeheartedly with you on this matter, as a VIP6 (Close to 7) i feel that the money i spent fo the sole privilege of being able to open VIP chests has been a waste, as now it takes at least 3 weeks to be able to save enough to open a 50 chunk of them (Only way to get anything worthwhile from them, imo) after taking into account Sentinels and Gem packs for the forge…

If VIP’s were rewarded something in return for this blatant disregard for the games, for want of a better word, Sponsors then i peronally would go back to spending my usual $20 a fortnight on the game, until it is addresed i sure as hell will not spend another penny on the game…