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VIP 4 Level Status: Grants an Automatic feature - (Major) Chaos Orb reveal

Greetings, developers!

I know that all Chaos Orbs are already pre-determined before you even claim or reveal them.

So far, the paying players get the following benefits:

  • VIP 3: Free Automatic Scouting
  • VIP 4: Automatic Chaos Orb Reveal (requested feature)
  • VIP 5: VIP Keys to unlock the VIP Chests
  • VIP 6: Access to access the VIP Daily Deals

VIP 4 might encourage people, who are frustrated with their Orb Collection count.
I think that adding VIP 4 Level Status that reveals the Orbs is worth it, and it’s not exactly the Pay to Win sort of thing, but it could save you some precious time.

I think that a lot of players would actually find this feature worthwhile, and it will not upset the game balance of the game, so it’s not exactly something controversial in any way.


Agree VIP 4 would be encouraging.


Never heard that before. Also doesn’t sound true :thinking:


You get the animation, but what you’ll get is already decided before you claim any Chaos Orb.

The orb is not decided until you claim the reward from the shop. The reveal animation after you collect it is unnecessary.


Those are two totally different things.

UKresistance is correct. Orbs of Chaos are determined at the point where they are claimed as rewards. The game knows what the result is before the player does, and the reveal animation is purely cosmetic.

If you’re claiming that all Chaos Orbs results are predetermined by the server before an event that rewards Chaos Orbs event starts, that opens the door to whole bunch of lawsuits on the matter. There’s no valid reason why the devs would/should even design Chaos Orbs in this way.

And that’s before considering the impact on the game server of having to store potential reward results for literally every player in the game for every event that drops Chaos Orbs on the possibility that each player may earn those Chaos Orbs. That would be bad game design practices, in action.

Paying to reach VIP 4 to save three to five seconds of animation per week? Now, that’s a worse value proposition than opening up my cache of Orbs of Growth prizes each week.


“reroll a chaos orb” :slight_smile:


Even if it is predetermined, what is the point of knowing it before claiming it? You cannot unclaim an orb for sure.

An alternative would be “increased chances for chaos orb to reveal into clans or ascension” for VIP 4+.

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I’d like the game to add a “Womp Womp” sound whenever your Orb is revealed to be an Orb of Growth.


reroll would be a great advantage.

an even greater advantage would be ‘upgrade orb to the next higher level rarity’.

both will not happen, sadly.

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I would actually pay 50 Gems for a reroll. However, it should only be available once.

Gambling is no fun, only once! Unlimited re-rolls!

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Sure, it could be done. However, the Gem price would have to go up then.