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Video: Wulfgarok Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over teams with the new Wulfgarok troop. He has the highest base attack in the entire game, impervious, and the ability to buff up other Wargare. A couple of different teams are shown in this video utilizing different aspects of Wulfgarok such as skull spam attack boost teams, all Wargare, and ability oriented teams.

His ability is currently glitched in that it can target the killed enemy with devour, meaning it occasionally will not devour. This will be fixed either later today or for next patch.


It reminds me of what happens with the ship cannon, actually. I wonder if they’ll fix that one too, while they’re at it.

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I would like to make a wolf joke but it got eaten.

Cool video as always George… but none of the Wulfie teams are really that good are they…

  1. for abusive stats try Wulfgarok / Wulfgarok / Forest Guardian / Fenrir…
  2. all Wargare teams just don’t work… no utility, excrutiatingly slow…
  3. didn’t like putting Wulfgarok on the front of the Alchemist / Hellcat loop, he mana blocks both of them… riskier but faster to put him behind the others?
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Alchemist, hellcat, wulfgarok, wulfgarok. Yellow/red banner of some type.
This team has alchemist up front as a “Tank” and once the loop goes just loop to fill the two wulfgarok and once they are full take any extra turns then fire away. Then if that fails you can loop again if needed. I wish it did more damage in this team but the enemy will be weakened from hellcat doing damage and once wulfgaruk has devoured a troop the game is yours.

Wait there is more looping you can do with this troop.

Green seer, giant spider, wulfgarok x 2
This is more stable in getting mana or at least safer. over flow from either will give the mythic mana. Green seer can also entangle which if on the right target can make seer live a few turns to skull attacks. Giant spider has magic link so this team already starts out with a +1 purple mana on collection. You also have baby spiders in case things are a little stick and you need to resort to giant spider making barriers for skulls.