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Video: The Wargening Event

Hello everyone! Today we go over the two new troops of the Warg and Wayfinder.

I will be focusing on Maugrim Woods builds all this week during streams with a short stream this Tuesday and a 10am - 4pm EST stream this Friday and Saturday.



Look at how cute that little fox is, isn’t she cute?

I thought it was a he? Lore text doesn’t specify

But yes, all foxes are cute. :slight_smile:

Still not a huge fan of its art style though. Amira is 10x better in my opinion in that regard.

It is hard to tell, i thought someone said it was a female fox. Could go either way. Amira is really cool looking.

Female Wargare look like foxes. Wayfinder is a girl.

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The female hero Wargare is inconsistent with this statement, so not all female Wargare? :smirk:

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Can we ship them? Like Amira x wayfinder? Is it ok to ship troops with each other? If we ship troops would the staff mind?

Lore inconsistency. :stuck_out_tongue:

That totally should be fixed. I would need to switch to female wargare then. xD

Perhaps I should amend my statment as most female wargare are foxes. :wink:

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Are the devs ok with shipping certain troops together? Are their any the devs have already shipped?

We don’t have any offical couples (even though Gar’Nok has a thing for Dark Song). So we don’t have a stance on player fandom, though we know that Tau/ Shadow-Hunter was once popular.

So if you want to ship them, you can but we can’t promise it will not be canon.

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