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Video: Most Versatile Class - Archer Class Builds

Hello everyone! Today I go over the Archer class and all of the varying ways that you can utilize the class within a team. The Arcane Stealth traitstones required to unlock the class are obtainable with glory from the current event week on PC/Mobile.



Noooooo, muh secret weapon!

Nope, entangled still doesn’t stop Bullseye. Not even without getting a match 4/5 skulls to actually deal damage while entanged, even match 3s can trigger Bullseye. Just tested it right now.

I actually like the Gard’s Wall weapon for a front-slot Archer, or Warlord for that matter. I never see it used, but the 1:1 ratio life gain with full gem removal and barrier makes the hero a lot more durable without needing a whole lot of support, and can free you up a slot you might otherwise need for support, which allows him to take the front spot in less specialized teams. Its not super efficient being a purely defensive weapon unless you manage to line up an extra turn with the removal, but skull trades highly favor the Archer in nearly every situation (unless stunned) so its a decent all around choice if you aren’t green heavy in your lineup. Sadly, you need 35 red mastery to obtain it, otherwise I’d suggest it as an early game weapon.

I noticed that too the other day during my stream. It is strange because all other skull effects are stopped by it, even assassinate. I wouldn’t know Warlord since I haven’t bothered wasting precious minor reds on it yet. xD

That’s strange. The trigger effects for Assassinate and Bullseye are essentially identical; I wouldn’t expect them to behave differently. (Hack n Slash should behave the same as well, and trigger even if no damage is dealt.)

In contrast, traits like Chill Touch and Snare, which also have effects that proc on skulls, have a different trigger, which seems to indicate they have to do damage to take effect.

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Assassinate behaves differently because it is more of an effect. With Bullseye it gives a 15% chance to turn your skull damage into “big number” which is essentially infinite. This is indicated by the fact that a 50% return damage on Gloom Leaf instantly kills Archer. What makes Bullseye stopped by entangle is that it isn’t infinite damage. The Assassin ability checks to see if damage is done and then rolls the 10% chance to instantly kill. What Assassinate triggers is simply the instant death of a troop. This is indicated by Gloom Leaf’s 50% doing nothing to Assasinate’s trigger. Similar to how Salvanimora entangles, Assassinate can also kill multiple troops due to its ability checking multiple times for the 10% chance during the skull spam and leaking into the next enemy. This is similar to how past effects have behaved such as maw’s 15% devour and the such that were able to leak to multiple troops.

Regardless, the game needs to be fixed to stop effects from doing multiple when they should only do 1 as well as ensure anything that is entangled or reduced to 0 attack can never trigger their skull damage related trait.


You may be right, but none of that is implied by the data files. Bullseye is marked as “Lethal Damage,” not a modifier on the troop’s attack like “xxx Slayer” etc. are. Likewise, Assassinate is marked as “Lethal Damage to Last Troop.” Of course, exactly how these are interpreted by the game engine is something only a game dev could answer. And I agree with your conclusion: both should be completely blocked by Entangle and other effects that drop the Hero’s Attack to zero.


And Draakulis is marked as “when ‘I’ take skulls”, yet does it for any. Something being marked as something doesn’t always imply it mechanically. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I mean it’s marked that way in the data files, not the associated text. Draakulis is marked as “when anyone on my team matches skulls,” despite his text.

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