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Video: Merchant's Blade Giveaway

Hello everyone! Today I am doing a giveaway for the new Merchant’s Blade weapon. All you have to do to enter is a leave a comment on the YouTube comment section below saying that you want the blade. I will then assign all of you a number and put them into a random number generator.

There will be 3 winners each receiving a Merchant’s Blade, 50 gems, 1000 souls, and 5000 gold. If you were unable to get this weapon via this giveaway or Australia PAX 2016, the weapon will be available in the glory shop in a couple weeks.

Winners will be announced on my Facebook after about 24 hours of this video.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tacet-the-Terror-1826549404241123/



I would like it please​:dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon:

@Weedivil1 Make sure to leave that comment on the YouTube video. It will only count if you say it there. In order to keep track of all the numbers I need them all at 1 location.

Wait not everyone got this weapon?

Somewhere around 98% of the player base don’t have the weapon. xD

It will be in the glory shop in a couple weeks though for anyone who misses Australia PAX 2016 and this giveaway.


I assume these codes work only for the PC/Mobile version and those of us on console need not bother?

That is true. It is PC/Mobile only unfortunately.

do the codes work only once?

I don’t think i missed something, but i still don’t have that weapon…

Yes, the codes are single use only.

Currently the only two ways to obtain this blade is from Australia PAX 2016 or from this giveaway. It will be added to the game in a few weeks for purchase by glory, likely at a 500 glory cost if it is like weapons they have done in the past.

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It was also given to some Non-Pax-Visitors…

Still plenty of time to enter the giveaway on YouTube if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:

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I have made my post, and i am totally not glaring at your facebook right now.


Last chance to enter. The cutoff for entering is in about 30 minutes.

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Ok, gotta close my eyes for a bit, my eyes need to blink from not glaring at your facebook.

There are currently 370 numbered and likely over 400 total. The chances to win at this point are below 1%.

That is A LOT more than I initially thought it would be.

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When do you plan to make announcement? :thinking:

Grins a bit

You know, you could always up the amount of winners you’ll pick… with the Devs’ blessing of course. :wink:

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