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Video: Leonis Empire! + My Most Amazing Glory Key Drop

Hello everyone! Today I show the basics of the new Leonis Empire kingdom as well as do some chests to find them all. There is a completely ridiculous drop during it. :slight_smile:


This is the drop that occurred:


I see in the middle of the video you had the same difficult to find the Leonis kingdom in the search menu as i did. :sweat_smile:
Congrats on the drops.


Lol some of the subtitle mistakes alone made this worth watching lol. Nice pull, and a good video as always.

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Fast as always.

Here, we can see selfish guild leader spending gold on gold chest instead of donating to guild. What a terrible role model. :innocent:


I only spent like 60k gold on keys. xD

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60k on keys and then a million on guild.

over 5m on guild in 2 weeks :heart_eyes:


that is only in 2 week?!

It is slightly skewed by the fact I got global rank 3 within that 2 weeks period. On a normal week I only donate 1-2 million.

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