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Video: Leonis Empire Kingdom Showcase

Hello everyone! Today I go over teams that can be used with all 6 of the new Leonis Empire troops. It is also publicly confirmed that next week’s event will be for the Leonis Empire. It will likely include the 2 troops shown in the quest line that currently aren’t available in the game.



Uploading and making videos so fast, tacet the wonderdragon.

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It took about 5 hours total for all 3 combined. An average video takes about 1-4 hours to do. If I ever started pre-recording I could have the whole week done in a day.

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Nice video, the teams you showcased look fun to use. Did you get a different setup recently? Your audio sounds much better.

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He did a video on his new mic.

Nice video once again, @Tacet. Congrats on your lucky draw, too. I wish I got King Khorvash and Plague in the same 50 glory keys batch… You lucky guy. :grin:
Could you make some videos with say, top ten Legendaries, top ten multi purpose cards, top ten traits to get, top ten hottest card arts? Ranking seem to be very popular, so I thought something like that might boost your views a bit.
Also, playing PvP using teams your viewers submit could be rather nice.
Just some ideas, mate. If you end up doing none of them, I’ll still gladly watch your vids. Cheers! :sunglasses:

Khopeshi is Kho = KOmbat, COca cola, COcky
Pe = PEtting, PEts, PEroxide
Shi = maCHIne, SHitload, SHIpping


Always nice to be of help. :slight_smile: