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Video: Giveaway Winners for Merchant's Blade Weapon

Hello everyone! Here are the results for the Merchant’s Blade giveaway. :slight_smile:

Best of luck to everyone!

I ended up skipping #281 when I did my initial numbering. If you happen to be #281 and I just didn’t see it with the find function, let me know. The rerolled number #281 is #67.

I will likely have a more organized way to do these giveaways when I do it again next month. This giveaway had A LOT more people than I initially anticipated for.



Thank you for doing this.

And thank you all the GoW Dev (and QA and Product Team) for this.

No problem. Make sure to thank the devs too for providing them. :slight_smile:

Nimhain already agreed to providing me with something similar again for next month. It may possibly be a monthly thing, which would be amazing! :smiley:


Number 42, the number i waited for, however it was not meant to be, so glory i will see as i spend it on thee.


I applaud you for being able to wait for the number representing the ultimate answer!

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I know right? My eyes water because the ultimate answer was not the chosen number, but it was worth entering.

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