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Video: Gems of War: 2.2 Update New Event System! - Soul Raiders and Frag the Hag

Hello everyone! Today I go over the new event system added into version 2.2 of Gems of War. It adds weekly troop bonuses, the ability to gain more of a specific resource each week under a certain condition, and a specific task each week that earns event gems towards weekly rewards.

Every Monday I will cover the troop bonuses in the event video and will do a separate video each week to cover the two resource based task events.


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This is the most amazing system the devs have put into the game. It is almost like a task system but it isn’t one.

@Nimhain @Sirrian
What happens if your random Mythic is during a new, unique Mythic week?

Do you get the unique mythic for that week or is it still random and includes all previously released Mythics?


It is random


Thanks. Would be worth making that abundantly clear before you get complaints! If true, this would be different than all other keys for Weekly Events and new Mythics.