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Video: Gard's Avatar Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over builds for the new Gard’s Avatar mythic. As of this video, this mythic is the strongest mythic currently in the entirety of Gems of War.



Didn’t see the video (as mentioned lame mobile connection) but can’t wait to see on what am missing out :smiley:
But by his spell I got the idea of what you commented. he has the strongest nuke potential if buffed enough :smiley:
Now imagine rowanne with his last trait :3

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Last team looks the strongest as you only need to loop half as much to get the same killing power.

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This was my first mythic card ever, and I thought he was not great. However, after watching this, he definitely has potential!

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for anyone who needs a gard team with soul generator:

humility (traited)
ysa (non traited)
DS (non traited)
gard (non traited)


Now if I can ever get lucky enough to get - not one, but - TWO mythic copies of him, the last team looks right up my alley

Nice video !

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I’ve got an all-Whitehelm team I’m enjoying but am looking forward to some new ideas. Can’t wait to watch this.

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