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Video: "Blind" No Board Challenge

Hello everyone! Today we play a match of Gems of War essentially being blind. We are doing this by blocking my laptop’s vision of the game with cardboard. The goal of course is to try to win this challenge without using the 8x8 board of the game.



I like the way you trying to hit the cast box

WOW that is impressive …


  • Looks like the devs need to move the cast button, or make it bigger, for the visually impaired :wink:
  • I actually got to use a Tacet redeem code! They’re usually all used up by the time I watch a Tacet video.
  • I’m almost certain Rowanne is pronounced with a ‘short a’ sound, rather than a long one. It’s like a combination of the word “rowan”, which is a genus of trees, and the name “Anne”. Rowanne is also a real name in itself.
  • Tacet’s gotta be on drugs or something. Or just lots of caffeine. Way too much.
  • I’m glad to see this isn’t as easy as I expected, considering the power of gem converters and creators, and how many teams can just chain spells these days. You don’t have to match gems very frequently for what’s fundamentally a match-3 game. Apparently you still need to look at the board, even if you don’t have to manually move the gems.
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Other team options… basically anything with the Gorgotha/TDS combo?
I would do Gorg/TDS/Anu’s Sceptre/Mercy, but it’s probably better with Prismatic Orb (and Mercy moved to third slot).
Also not entirely sure about the best order.

Nope, I just talk fast and have lots of natural energy. I never do drugs, never drink coffee, and haven’t had caffeinated drinks for over a month now.

It is also a New Jersey thing to talk extremely quick. My voice is slow compared to some people I know.


Shame :confused:
I just did pvping to rank 1 while drinking my coffee. Damn that feels nice.
Would love to see you video, but won’t be able to see this one until I get better Internet on weekend :confused:

Interesting observation this. I love puzzle games, and have noticed that because GoW has an opponent sharing the same board, you can’t really set up clever 4 or 5 gem matches for yourself like you would do in other, solo match-3 games. So instead of puzzle-solving, games are usually won by strategy, i.e. troop selection and spell casting.

Treasure hunts keep things a bit more traditional, but the lack of risk, e.g. “get X points in Y moves or die”, means there’s no need to put much thought into those puzzles, either.

@Tacet, fun video! I agree with the suggestion above to try Exploders. I like Gorgotha, Herdmaster, Khorvash and Sylvanimora myself. :slight_smile:

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The constant narrating makes for good content though, and it’s much more entertaining than none! The vids are great, keep at it!

@Tacet if you are bored of normal game modes try inserting special rules like:

  • never match same gem colors one after another
  • cannot take 4 gem matches (can create them or take by cascade just not manually)
  • can only cast once after each enemy cast (so then u have to wait enemy cast again until u could do it, still can use skulls)
  • can only cast a spell if all other allies are also full with mana

or simply try various 3-unit teams in pvp?

blind board is interesting concept to research mechanics but it requires no skill

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All great ideas!

I will likely be doing 1 vs 4. I already did it once with Crude Club + Warlord on the small Let’s Play account. I can probably do it with Creeping Death + Sorcerer on my main account. Pretty sure I can also show how OP Bone Dragon is by doing that 1 vs 4 too… xD

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tbh i have no idea how do you want to solo a mantibone team :smiley:

I wouldn’t choose that team; but if I did, it would require the luckiest deathmark ever casted to kill Bone Dragon. :stuck_out_tongue:

well only death is the only option lol.

Or also a devour troop, like Kraken or Wulfgarok for example.

I wasn’t talking about the speed of your speech, which seems pretty normal to me. I was talking about the hyperactive mouse movements. It wasn’t intended as a criticism, and maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it, but it just stuck out to me. I’m a pretty high-energy person myself, and avoid stimulants because, well, I already scare people with my movements, so no reason to push it further. Despite that, I play pretty slowly and deliberately, though I get frustrated waiting for the AI to finish its turn, or waiting on the interface and loading times in general. You just seem to be on a level of overdrive that most people wouldn’t reach without something in their system.

Oh, that is just from me playing a lot of real time strategy games, MOBAs, etc. that have a high APM required to play them. Turn based games like Gems of War only have about a 5-20 APM whereas most games I play are a minimum of 60+. I also like using the mouse to point.