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Video: Best Teams 2.0

Hello everyone! Today I finally go over the best teams in the current meta of version 2.0 of the game. If you know of any really good teams that you use that weren’t mentioned in this video, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.



is it possible for anyone who has not the time or possibilty to watch the whole video - to just list the teams with banners in textform up in here?

its hard to watch a 30 minutes video on mobile - especially without wifi^^

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###2.0 Team War
Banner of Progress (Yellow/Red)

Infernal King
Star Gazer

###2.0 Team Maw
Dark Banner (Brown/Purple)

The Great Maw
Bone Dragon
Deep Borer

###2.0 Team Mab
Divinion Banner (Purple/Yellow)

Queen Mab
Queen Mab

###2.0 Team Rowanne
Frozen Banner (Blue++/Purple+/Red-)

Green Seer
Settite Warrior

###2.0 Team Famine
Woodland Banner (Green/Green)

Green Seer
Giant Spider
Queen Mab

###2.0 Team Maril
Old Gods’ Banner (Purple/Purple)

Mad Prophet


Thanks @Ozball :slight_smile:

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All those top teams and i can’t even play one of them.

I can do Rowanne once I get Settite Warrior, and I can do Maril. But I have none of the traits, so that might hurt things a lot…

Is there a good substitue for Famine for those of us who haven’t won the mythic lottery?

Great Maw
Bone Dragon
Deep Borer
Settite Warrior

Thanks Tacet, I’ll give that one a go!

I’m sooooo proud of @Tacet, finally taking on a goblin team… He’s grown oh so much from 1.9

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I always spam the 3 trophy these days. I didn’t do goblin teams in 1.9 because they needlessly take more time for the same reward. Also because Queen Mab. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is another great team.
Put me in top 12 last week with little effort.

Goratha ***
Crimson Bat ***
Mad Profit ***
Soothsayer ***

Mad Profit kick my Bat up to 22 true damage fairly quick :slight_smile:


Giant spider ***
valkyrie ***
tyri ***
Black Manacles /sorcer / hero
purple/yellow banner


I use now a team close to your 2.0 Team Rowanne

Gloom Leaf (2 traits)
Dryad (1 trait)
Green Seer (1 trait)
Blue+Green Banner

Got “King of Thorns” and “Fey General” team bonuses = +3 Life&Armor, +2 Attack&Magic.
Works really nice vs heavy armored teams. I saw Gloom leaf having 60+ Atk, and I was lvl 45 +/-.

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I recently switched to Team Mab. God it’s stupid strong. And I don’t even fully understand why.


I run a crazy overpowered version of Queen Mab named “Hail 2 the Queen” I haven’t lost a single game with it and 15 or so times I’ve been able to win turn 1 (before the enemy takes their 1st turn) and it wins on turn 2 much more often

“Hail 2 the Queen”

Yellow/Blue banner

Valkyrie (3)
Queen Mab (3)
Queen Mab (3)
Mercy (3)

If the game starts off with a 5 of a kind Mercy conversation then Valkyrie will be able to fire off on the 1st turn, otherwise a single 4 of a kind with 2 unsurged yellow matches or 1 surged match will fill her right up. There is a +2 blue bonus between the banner and Valkyrie’s water link allowing the Queen to fill up in 3 unsurged matches (fewer with surges/5 of a kinds(usually done in 1 turn via Valkyrie)) you’ll find yourself filling both Queen’s 50-60% of the time off one cast of Valkyrie (even refilling Mercy at times)
Cast free Mab spells before casting Valkyrie when possible to improve the odds of refilling and hammering in more damage, with both Queen’s full do not match blue matches when there is 10 or more blue gems in play (to get more casts) but match 4+ of a kinds if there are fewer then 10 (your going to lose the turn anyways and don’t want the AI to benefit from them)

-Cell (Here if you need me)


The war team is really great. Before watching your video, I thought war is useless. Thx

War has been buffed pretty much every week since his release. In 1 year time, his ability will likely be “destroy all enemies” for 1 mana. xD

His current state finally feels balanced now. It is a lot easier to feed him mana and get his ability rolling now that his mana cost has been reduced from 30 to 24 over the last month making it much easier to get him rolling than before.

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I think the other key piece was for folks to realize that he’s not necessarily a front-line troop, despite his offensiveness. Or, at least, if you’re going to use him in the first slot then you should have a second copy backing him up.

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Yeah, War for the most part has to be either 2nd slot or last slot. War’s reduced mana cost can work in first slot now, but he needs a good support troop and the enemy team has to not have a Great Maw or Gorgotha lead.