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Video: A Dragon Reads the Dragon's Claw Quests

Hello everyone! Today we go through the Dragon’s Claw questline reading it as a dragon. RAWWRR~! :3

All Quest Text: http://ashtender.com/gems/kingdoms

Also, for any of you who are curious, the dragon in this video was done via a program called Facerig.



This was funny. Reminded me of when you voiced the roles of the characters in another game ( not Hearthstone, but you took down previous Twitch broadcasts, and I cannot remember the name of the game :frowning: )

Anyway, thanks for the lighthearted break from grinding souls & traitstones.
ヾ( ❀◕◡◕ฺฺ )ノ

Oh, it was probably when I did Undertale. xD

Also, I didn’t take them down. Twitch auto-deletes broadcasts after 14 days. I’ll likely do that game again in the future for fun. xD

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Hey, Sirrian finally liked one of my video posts again. Senpai noticed me. :slight_smile: