Veteran Casual Player Seeking a New Home

Are you seeking players?
My guild is slowly spinning down and I need a new home.
I am level 1226 and play every day. I have over 3000 hours logged in the game.
That said, I am not a fanatic, I just like the game.
I do not need (nor really want) to be in a top 100 guild.
I want to be where I can contribute and help build players and the guild.
I do not want to be where you have to monitor a dozen “requirements” to maintain guild status.
If you are still reading, and want someone who contributes every week, both to the guild as well as to chat, let me know.
In game name is ShadedSoul.

I’ll have a spot after reset. We’re medium-chill. Requirements are 300k gold, 1k trophies, participate in war & events (no min score, just no 0s). War bracket 15ish, not trying for top 10.

Let me know if you’re interested here, or our discord is:

I have accepted a position. Thank you for the opportunity!

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We have 4 spots open, feel free to check us out:

Edit: I see you have accepted a spot elsewhere. :innocent:

Sorry, yes I have.
Thank you for your kind consideration though!!

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