Very Minor Typo in Flame Cannon Description

Hey guys,

I found this a while ago and forgot about it, but saw it again in my character lineup. Someone may have fixed this with an update…but there’s a very small typo on the Flame Cannon’s description.

“Deal 2 damage to all enemies. 20% chance to burn an(d) enemy.”

I’ll go hide now. :slight_smile:

I don’t see that particular issue, either in the game or here. If it was an issue at some point, it seems to be fixed.

It may be in the version on my PS4. I don’t know if my PS4 updated the game since the patch. Is there a way to tell which version I’m running?

You got me! I play on PC/mobile only. You posted in “Gameplay Chat (PC/Mobile)” so I assumed you were talking about that version.

Guess I need to learn to put my posts in the right place. lol