Very first meeting between Anonymous and Intrim

Ladies and Gentlemen:

For the first two weeks of Guild Wars, Anonymous and Intrim did not have any scheduled Wars. That ended when this week’s schedule came out; we were to meet on Blue Wednesday.

I will have to say, from my perspective at least, I was looking at this meetup with great trepidation. Intrim has proven that they are tough competitors, and as Anonymous had lost Week 2 Sunday Blue to Marthos Guardians, I was wondering if we were to prevail against such a tough opponent.

Our very last opportunity to do so came within the last minutes of the day; our very own @sdoherty14 logged in after a full day’s worth of travel to play his 5 matches.

His final battle against @ZooKeeper ended 3 minutes before the daily GW reset. He had some help from his Guildmates; we were all cheering him on as he played.

Congratulations should also go to those of Intrim; as of 60 minutes before reset, it looked as if you guys were going to win our first meeting.

I look forward to future meetings between our two guilds- win or lose, they WILL be determined by 1 or even 2 troops, one or two battles.

Edited to correct: Marthos Guardians, not Martha’s.


Great account, and congrats to both Guilds for a closely-fought and high quality war.

Tho… as a loyal MatchMasters member, I find myself wondering if there was a way for both of you to lose…



Good fight and congratulation for your win. :thumbsup:

We still had some battles to play but congrats once again nonetheless. I’m looking forward to our next meeting in the future too. :slight_smile:


Good battle, I wish we could have done our last 5 battles on the day, but we didnt, so grats on the daily victory!

We shall see what happens at the end of the week.

In any event I look forward to battling you guys pretty much every week from here out.

To Arms!


Congrats to Intrim. It has been a tough day and it has been very close.
And once again a huge thank you to @sdoherty14 who has stayed up all night after an exhausting day.


i wanted to say :

:popcorn: :checkered_flag:GO GO GO!:checkered_flag: :grin:

but it seems im late? :sweat_smile:


OmG !! Those fights were so tough… kudos to Intrim, especially ChroniKing, Flash and Zoo. I had to do 8-10 test fights for most, but then forgot about the timezone change and had to rush the Paragon fight with only one practice match… it was a seriously intense and i got quite lucky i must say!

We may have won the day (sort of)… but the war is far from over as saluki said. we were aware that you might of had more matches left :slight_smile: and @Jainus… i think we both kind of lost, we normally get near 170k… but have a lot of losses from yesterday!

And thanks to my Anonymous Guildies for the support :slight_smile: and for @MineralsMan and his great team buidling for the paragon fight :wink: ! # Genius

Best of Luck for the rest of the week all ! :sunglasses: I’m gonna have a small break to catch up with family :slight_smile:


I didn’t think I would get a badge for posting- I mean, c’mon- it’s Intrim. It’s Anonymous. Who would’ve thought that (currently 17) people would like hearing about either guild? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for the honor. :slight_smile:

– Tranimo


Got you covered :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congrats though Intrim on the win! :smiley:


hahahahahaha… smartass !!