Very active new player looking for guild

Good morning everyone, I started playing last week, currently 135, and I’m looking for an active guild. I have already achieved 1500 seals and 265 trophies so far and will have no trouble achieving that weekly. I am working on kingdoms right now and then I will be contributing to tasks.

Hope to hear from somebody soon.



Hi, there! You’re just the sort of player that Final Fantasy is looking for! We’re a casual guild, but we’re high-ranking and have a solid group of active players. We’ve lost a lot of our members over the past year, and are looking to fill out our ranks with quality players like yourself. Let me know if you’re interested.

Hello @Meadfill and welcome to the GOW forums. The Unholy Family has a great guild - TUF: Purgatory - that is a great place to continue your growth. Come to our Discord server and check us out!

Thanks for the all of the replies and private messages everyone, I’ve found a new place to call home!

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