Very active ex#1 pvp puzzle quest looking for top guild


my gamer tag is xximjust2goodxx my inv code is “5 of a kind” please send messege on xbox before inviting
ok with requrements just looking for a guild who are active and who I can get ahold of a leader if I need to. started my own 2 weeks ago donated 350,000k and 400 trophies alone still no one joined so here I am hit me up if you want someone to put some time in. once again looking for a top guild so please dont message me if you are just starting one. lvl 81 have all legendaries, farm troops , and top gear already just need somewhere to put the gold and trophies.


i m sending an invite


does not exist…


sorry, mismatch a with the :slight_smile: anyway you in the other guild :smile:


Next time read all the bio. At least the part involving contacting me on xbox live. It didn’t take much…


sorry, it happens to people like me who’s IQ is lower than shoe number :smile:
i assume u re not interested in joining?