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Version 6.0 Installed! Announcement?

Realistically you might have to wait up to year, the chance to pull those exclusive troops outside of a kingdom event is pretty much zero, several times lower than receiving a mythic.

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Pricing is conspicuously absent…

…now that it’s released, are Beta testers allowed to reveal such details (assuming even they have them?)?

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I doubt pricing considerations are shared in any way with beta testers.

Can’t be proven wrong if you don’t say what you think you did


That is a fair point that outsode of event keys it would be harder to pull them given the expansive troop pool.

An arbitrary extension to nearly double to triple that time waiting period is ridiculous. If it is not communicated when they would be available, especially ingame, then that would be inexcusable as we have seen that be a major issue in the past in vaults and regular chests.

It may be difficult to get a missing troop outside of the event keys, but even one troop copy can be enough, especially if one is willing to upgrade it with an ascension orb.

This change has no tangible benefit to the players and seems to only twist the arm harder for a FOMO.

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Sorry for the delay on the announcement post in the forums folks! We’re still having problems with the feature that allows us to automatically schedule the cross post between Wordpress and Discourse (the forum).

I’ve manually posted it:

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This part is interesting:

Players will only be able to earn a maximum of 10 Kingdom Crowns per day, with the chance to encounter the Kingdom Battlecrasher decreasing after players have encountered it 5 times. This will reset daily.

Half the Battlecrasher at full chance, half at diminishing returns. This matches what the community oberserved with the Flesh Horror, 1 at full chance, 1 at reduced chance, just now with a factor 5 applied. Looks like the hard cap of 2 was exactly planned this way, no matter what got communicated.



  • 5-6 per day max, because on the “test week” (trick or treat event) an intended softcap was either 1 or 2 was functioning as an effective hard cap of 2, because the part of the code intended to reduce chances reduced them to at or near zero
  • 10 max per day, because on the “test week” the hard cap was actually set to 2 confirming early on this part of the code worked correctly despite what was communicated (but all 10 might arrive very quickly, causing a “nerf” to the rate of appearance very early on, causing many people to be upset)

This looks like another “pretend to be free to play” event to me. Might be better than campaigns, could be worse, but a lot of the desirable stuff looks to be pay-gated, and if you have a developed account, you are actively punished by not paying. The timer on the timed exclusives looks to be even worse and I’m not sure how long it will be before even the most dedicated GaP farmers won’t be able to reliably pull a specific tarot over the course of several months despite going all out on every GaP weekend.

Journeys look like they intended to take the worst part of World Events (overly restricted team building, super repetitive and not substantively different battles) and bounties (need to slot an weak troop just for “scoring” purposes). Maybe the whole “branching paths” thing will give some salient choices… but I don’t see this unless they impact your team comp, and being full restricted to both a color and troop type tends to make for teams that just sort of “drag their feet”, even if you can field something that is effective.

I am extremely not happy about the lack of specificity on exactly when a troop would be in a specific chest after an event. This really needs to stop. The whole “3 to 4 weeks time” was handwaved as “well, it might not be exactly 4 weeks because they might go in earlier than exactly the 4 week”, which enough people accepted that the practice has been going on for as long as I can remember. Saying something will be available in chests in “2 to 3 months” is being intentionally vague and setting yourselves up for another Arachnean Weaver situation.


5 weeks + 3-4 weeks: 8-9 weeks so 2-3 months.

Even if the drop rate is terrible, the most dedicated GaP farmers will have the keys to do it (If it takes 800 VK equivalents the stash will be there), the 4 hours of whiffing would be painful though.

2-3 months hard cap is seriously strict, imagine campaign rewards being gated until the end of the following campaign if you didn’t buy. If I picked up another game I wouldn’t think I would be still playing it after 2 months.

So yet more money to stay caught up. My opinion is you have to buy both passes or neither. If you are going to get behind anyway I can’t see why you would buy one or the other. Sad the way this game is going. New kingdoms used to be fun. Now it’s going to be go get your wallet. The opposite of fun.

Crazy idea, I know, but maybe if the devs delivered items as advertised cough Arachnean Weaver cough they would make more money.

I have spent way too much money on another mobile game this past month. I can’t spend on GoW when I can’t trust I will get what I paid for. That means I won’t buy these passes.


Even the most dedicated farmers will soon no longer be able to have the keys. The drop pool gets diluted with every tarot card added, making it progressively harder to obtain the one you are looking for. In a year from now you’ll likely need several thousand vault keys for a reasonable chance to pull the latest one added.


This remains to be seen.

What remains to be seen there? The major arcana - which the cards we’re getting are from - are 22.

With at least 90% of the dropped legendary cards being Cedric, it will become increasingly hard.

Of course they could grow a heart for players and stop us from getting more of a card from the vault if we have 4 of them at mythic - like the guild guardians - but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


It remains to be seen that the drop pool is indeed diluted with every new tarot added, which the quote asserts. An alternative mechanism might be to introduce new tarots with a fixed, low, drop rate.

It is certainly plausible that the drop pool will be diluted, but I have not seen any evidence—and certainly not any conclusive evidence—for the claim.

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Considering that every other of their documented drop pools work this way it’s next to guaranteed though. Besides, the alternative mechanism would require extra manual configuration. The fixed, low drop rate of the tarot card would have to be taken away from somewhere else, in exactly the right amount, every time a new one is added to the pool. I just can’t picture Infinity Plus Two volunteering for extra effort, and then even pulling it off flawlessly the past few tarot cards.

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@Hawx and @gary_dils have a google sheet tracking Vault Key drop rates.

Perhaps they might be able to give you the evidence?

Hard to track whether subsequent tarots are harder to get than previous ones, but :man_shrugging:

All the data is entered by date and there are hundreds of samples, so. Probably not impossible to track the relative rates.

Unfortunately it’s currently not even close to enough samples to get a high enough confidence rate either one way or the other.

I might be missing something here… But on mythic Friday, only one mythic is avaliable so the chances to get exactly that mythic if you pull any is 100, right?

Now if you have 2 different ones, it’s 50/50? 3 is 33,33% percent chance that the mythic you pull is the one you want…


I’m not a math person but I thought that was how it worked.

The more you add, the lower the chance for a specific one.

Unless the specific one had a higher chances for some reason, like the first 2 weeks after being added to the vault, the new Tarot Card will be 100% (or something) chance if you pull any.

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