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Vendetta Guild is Recruiting

Vendetta is looking for PS4 recruits!

We are a fun, friendly and helpful guild looking for Rank 700+ active players. We are currently ranked 36 overall and Bracket 2 in Guild Wars. 40K seals completed weekly, most tasks are completed weekly (all during guild wars) and events are completed weekly. Our guild will help you with strategy, team building, resource collecting and all other facets of the game. If you are looking for a good guild, tired of your old guild, want to particpate with willing players that will help you and you want to help, then Vendetta is for you!

Guild Requirements

500K Gold, 1,600 Seals, 600 Points for any World Event, 10 Dooms, 2,500 Raid Boss Damage,

All Guild Wars Battles / 25,000 Points or More / Sentinels to Level 4 or More,

All Free Sigils for Weekend Events (Invasion, etc)

I’m assuming you mean 500K gold @Jermdog?

yes, 500K gold per week - thank you for pointing it out