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Vault Weekend data collection

Subject updated - undated to reflect ongoing nature like the Strategy or Cool screenshot topics.
Please feel free to post your stats. @Sytro thanks for the nudge, I was getting lazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For the record, I am announcing now that I will be tracking gnomes and keys. See you all on Sunday evening.

Full weekend stats:

gnome tracker: 9/20 (39 gnomes killed).
1 epic vault key, 2 normal keys, (3 pity keys):

gnome #4 -> evk
gnome #5 -> vk
gnome #27 -> vk

personal observations (might be totaly wrong or somehow streaky this week):sunglasses:

  1. keys drop more often from explore than from pvp
  2. yesterday arena had some crazy gnome spawn rates (in 3 runs had like 7 gnomes…)
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Granted I’ve only been playing all but 20 minutes but I all I’ve been getting is that battle crasher with the stupid bird. I’m assuming it’s possible to get a battle crasher and a gnome at the same time, right?

No. Battlecrasher can spawn only in battle without gnome and battlecrashers don’t affect gnomes spawn rate.


To wit:

Bank error in my favor? I’ll take it. I’m only at 3/10


evens out with my luck of getting almost nothing of anything

(13/30, 4 found vault key, 0 epic vault key)


I wish you luck! :shamrock:

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Sorry but, why am I able to farm 10 gnomes per hour without battlecrasher and only 5 with battlecrashers ?

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@Tophe And that’s why we collect data. At the end of this week you can work out for yourself whether it’s just you being unlucky, or if there’s a real difference due to battlecrashers.

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89 gnomes, 4 vault keys, 0 epic. Can’t be bothered to chase any longer. This weekend is feeling frustrating

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36 Vault Key’s Including Pitty Key’s, And 7 EVKs All From Jewel Gnomes. So I’ve Been Really LUCKY This Event.En-YP1dWMAIBQRU

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Are gnomes inside the vault affected by the change in drop rates? Am I slightly better off using Vault Keys during one of these events, since I have an increased chance of getting a return Vault Key from one of the three non-Cedric gnomes?

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Nice, at least one of us is having good luck… those battle crashes keep coming in. I know they said they have no effect on the drop but my luck isn’t showing that on my end. I only got 3 vault keys so far and one of those little bastards almost escaped.

738 fight in explo/pvp, 50 gnomes, 3 vault keys, 0 epic

If I undertand well, to have the 1/10 ratio for gnome/battle (or vault key/gnome or epic vault key/vault key), we need to play thousands of battle. Under 1000 battles, the ratio is lower, increasing over 1000 battes.
Look like a classic scam for me.

The more this game goes, the more I’m waiting eagerly for the decisions of the different european justice courts around loot boxes.
It will be some much fun hearing Inifinity plus 2 and 505 games explaining how balanced is the random in GoW.

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Totally agree on that. WTF is going on with that crappy game? Over 1000 battles during EACH Vault event and no EVK? Only minor traitstones and nothing else. I suspect shenanigans here.

75 gnomes - 4 VK’s, 0 EVK’s

I didn’t keep track of total battles.

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my stats

EPIC KEY 1 0 1
GEM KEY 6 3 2 26
EVENT KEY 1 0 1 6
SOULS 17 2 4 40600
SHARDS 2 3 0 195
GEMS 2 0 0 25
JEWELS 4 2 4
GLORY 6 3 2 5500
DIAMONDS 3 3 0 12
INGOTS 4 1 5
GOLD 3 10 9 97500
GNOMES 56 29 31
DAY 1 531 56 9,4
DAY 2 330 29 11,3
DAY 3 333 31 10,7
OVERALL 1194 116 10,3

No, to both questions.

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