Vault Weekend data collection - for w/e 13 Sept

It would be very appreciated if you will disclose it.
Because 10% (or any%) outside of Vault weekend is completely insignificant. I’m playing very actively last 2.5 years since the release of gnomes and I found 3 Vault Keys outside of gnome weekend. 10% or 1% or any other % is not matter at all if you have 1 pull per year.
During gnome event, I have found hundreds of Vault keys. That’s the source of Vault keys and that’s the place where chance for Epic Vault Key is important.


Thank you for finally clarifying this. This is pretty much what I figured was the issue about why the data wasn’t meeting expectations, I just didn’t know if it was intended to proportionally raise or not. I feel like our expectations would have been better tempered if this was communicated from the start.

Nonetheless, I’m glad we are finally getting a resolution to this with clarification and maybe even a buff. It would be greatly appreciated if the rates are still shared. Raw EVK rate per gnome during and not during vault weekend is probably a better metric than relative to vault keys rates during and not during vault weekend, because a casual observer that would make an increase in EVKs from the current look like a decrease (and it was a misunderstanding without clarification that got us here in the first place). Its a starting point for discussing what might be “too rare” and helps color what the intended purpose of EVKs is.

A Official News post would also be greatly appreciated when more details are available so we can have the clear and correct information in a high visibility location rather than the information trickling out through the community by word of mouth and linking to a response post buried deep in a thread.


Thank you very much for the clarification on this. Hopefully 5.2 will launch before the next vault event (please don’t soontm me!). I want to echo two points others have made:

  1. Please try to let us know what percentage of vault keys will be epic during a 5.2 vault event.

  2. I have over a thousand hours of play time and have only found 2 or 3 vault keys outside of a vault event. 10% of that drop rate is absolutely ludicrous, and I just want to make sure that the designers understand that. If that’s what they want to go with, then I’ll have to respect that.


Thanks for clarifying.

So the question is why have 10% of vault keys drop as epic outside of vault events but during a vault event have it lowered to about 1%???


The gif hurts my eyes, but I thank you for your reply. And I am thankful the World Events haven’t been shaking like your gif lately.

Also, I don’t think you are trash, so, maybe gif isn’t necessary. Thanks again.

Would have been much smarter and useful to come back here only when you had all the needed infos to give to the players.

Right now all what you wrote is just wind.

All the players need to know (and needed to know BEFORE the last 2 Vault event) is:

  • what is the EVK percentage drop rate outside of vault event?

  • what is the EVK percentage drop rate during a vault event?

Im sure you should be able to give these 2 numbers, it wont reverse the rotational axis of planet earth if you do so…

Or is the true reason you re being cagey about giving a % and also coming here for writing things that are of no use for the players could be just to gain some time just to prepare soon an EVK flash offer or added in Epass or Epass+, now that you frustrated most of your players during vault weekends by giving them a wrong drop rate?


yep…to do so it required a deliberate change in the code, no? Otherwise why the drop rate would suddenly not be 10% like outside vault event?
They probably thought that it would give too many EVKs to the players and reduced secretly the drop rate during Vault event.
Its the most rational conclusion.
So to resume we have here a deliberate action against the players and kept unknown to them during 2 vault events! Class act…

Exactly, the expectations and discussion were on par with the information given. But still, thanks for clarifying the matter in the official forums and relevant threads @Kafka.

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Finally some clarification.
That’s appreciated, but nevertheless - why wasn’t any of it mentioned from the get-go (that is - on patch notes)? Looks like stepping on the same rakes again and again.

Let me see if I understand things correctly:

epic keys on ordinary days (with 10% rate) will be virtually non-existent. Sure, some people will be lucky enough to find one (just as I once got Doomclaw from ToD shop - Tier 1 or 2), but that’s more of an anomaly than norm (I remember for sure 2 VK outside events, supposing, to give some benefit of doubt, there are another 2 I don’t remember, that makes 4 VK since introduction);

during Vault Events epic key drop rate will be arbitrarily lowered to keep them as close to virtual non-existence as possible…

Drawing a deep breath and waiting for things to unfold.


Well… no. I mean, if you want to look at it that way, yeah, but it’s not accurate.

The EVK drop rate is X% outside of vault events. During vault events, the EVK drop rate is still X%. After the update and the change, the EVK drop rate during events will increase to X+Y%. Yay.
However, while X is ~10% of the VK drop rate outside of vault events, X+Y will be less than 10% of the VK drop rate during vault events. So, “lowered” only in relation to another drop rate.

It’s still an overall increase, I’ll take it. It’s better than them saying “10% of VK drop rate during events would be too much, we’re not changing it”.


Except that they DO think 10% EVK drop rates is too high for an event. Which is a SMDH moment for sure. You know how many EVKs I would have gotten last event at 10%? ONE. Maybe two. Go back and look at the number of vault keys and then take 10% of that. Almost all of them would be under 5 EVKs.
Are we expected to believe the game economy would collapse because everyone got a handful of EVKs?

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We’re not disagreeing. As I said, they obviously feel 10% of VK event drop rate would be too much, so they’re not willing to go there, but they will make the EVK drop rate more during events than outside of it, so … progress.

They want them to be rare. Even if you got one every vault event, it wouldn’t get you a tonne of resources, it’s only marginally better than a regular VK. I don’t think we’re missing out by only getting maybe 1 a year.

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Well, I have some good news for you…

We will be changing EVK drops to be consistent. This means that whether there is a Vault event on or not, the chance to get an EVK will be 10% of the normal vault key drop.

This will go out with the 5.2 Update.


Good. I don’t have to spend 50+ hours on a 3 day weekend and receive nothing. 5.2 can’t come soon enough…


I hope 5.2 comes before the next vault event?


ok, fixed EVK drop rate of 10% all the time. Its a good thing but thats what should have been happening from the begining since EVK have been introduced if there had not been a DELIBERATE reduction of the drop rate for vault events WITHOUT telling a single word about it to the players!

That behaviour is honestly difficult to swallow. Especially when you consider that all the players who would try to get an EVK will do it during vault events, full of hopes because of a 10% wrongly advertised.

Note also that there have not been any apologizes from the dev who stated this false 10% when posting the detail of the introduction of EVK a few months ago, fooling tons of players during 2 vault events.
Apologizes would have been the very minimum to expect and compensations sent to the players the normal thing to do in such cases.

2020… times are changing.

Thanks for the update and keeping it a constant 10%. It may not be high, but at least we know what it is.