Vault keys - save or spend em?

Apologies if this has been addressed.

Will there be changes to the reward for fixed difficulties regarding the vault in upcoming patches? As it stands now there is only an increased risk of losing a gnome if you up the difficulty.
Opinions on hoarding the vault keys?

I always save my keys for Vault Weekend. I think that you get better treasure then. Mind you, the type of treasure is the same, but I believe the quality is improved. Others disagree, so take it for whatever it’s worth to you.

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There’s a higher chance to get an additional vault key during a vault weekend.
Other than that, I believe the loot itself is the same.

There’s another gnome pending to get released. If you want to own all of them, hoard your keys for a better chance to get it. If you just care for the other rewards, go ahead and use your keys, especially if it helps your progression.


I would only hoard keys for the new gnome if you have basically everything else. The new gnome won’t be useful in battles or for kingdom stars. When I use to use my second accound that can always use gems, keys and orbs I used all my vault keys whenever I ggt them.