Vault Key Packages For PS4 & Xbox

Why not remove the growth packs once they ben purchased & replace with Vault Key Sale during Gnome Events? Hello guys, you’re loosing Real $$$ here…

There are many of us that would purchase $10 to $40 worth of packages, you offer on the other platforms… come on now you can do it or figure a way to.

The growth packs give you a mythic or legendary.

A vault key has something like a 0.01% chance of giving you an orb of ascension.

If it was like $0.25 per Vault Key, maybe. I don’t see how the two things compare in any reasonable way.

Because once you buy them, the package is done… replace with a Vault Key offer is what I propose.

They’ve offered 100 gems and a Vault Key for $2 (limit 5) for the last 2 Vault Events.

Its not a Growth package, but it does show up during the Vault Event. Its kinda what you’re suggesting.

Its both an okay deal and a self-defeating deal as now I have no real interest in buying the Lapina Avatar deal for $2.50 that’s currently going on right now for Xbox Live. The equivalent value for the Avatar would have been $2.00… (I don’t think $2.50 is a price point I’d buy at in the first place for that stuff. The Dwarven avatar at $1.50 was the ideal price point to drive sales.)

On PS4 there are No offers what so ever for Vault Keys

I mean, it comes down to if you want it repeatable and what you think a Vault Key is worth.

I don’t even think a Vault Key is worth $0.99 on its own. My expected yield is “some gold” and I’d rather play a few PvP matches to get that. I don’t even think 10 Vault Keys are worth $1.99. I have to play 10 matches to get “a small % chance of an orb” and that’s just not a deal. By the time we get to 100 Vault Keys I’m tempted, because now I’ve got a nice chance of getting at least one good prize. But then I have to play 100 Vault matches to do it. That’s… quite a lot of work.

So I can’t imagine ever spending $9.99 or upwards on Vault Keys and feeling like I got a deal. I’d either get so few keys it’s not worth the price tag or so many keys it’s an annoyance to play them. I’d rather pay $9.99 for an Orb of Ascension directly, because that’s what I’m hoping to get anyway. $1.99 for a Chaos Orb feels about right, too.

Everything else the Vault Key drops is not worth a money spend. So while I agree a wider variety of purchases would be nice, I think this is the wrong prize for spending a dollar. The current Flash Offer is $1.99 for a Vault Key and 100 gems. To me it’s actually $1.99 for 100 gems and I get something else. Most flash offers are like that, normally 100 gems costs closer to $9.99 so getting 80% off is so good I don’t really care if I care what else is in the bundle.