Vault key évent week end

C’est quoi cet évent de gnomes
Ils sont ou ?
Pas une de la journée ,j’en appercois en dehors de l’évent et la rien
Défi 0 exploration 0 arènes 0 jcj 0
C’est une honte
mettre des gnomes de 100 âmes ou de pierres d’aspect mineur il y en a pour les clés de voûte plus personne
Alors si vous avez une technique ce serait sympa de la donner car la franchement c’est abuse

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What’s most terrible is that, for the second time in a row, they’ve also failed to buff rewards in the vault. I’ve seen gnomes today, but the keys i bought from flash sales were worthless because using them during the event got me regular non-event rewards. Another sneak nerf to rewards.

Vault rewards are not affected by gnome event and it was always that way.
Gnome event affects only chance to encounter gnome (from usual 3% it increases to 9%) and chance to get Vault key from non-Vault gnomes (from less than 1% to an average 9% depending on gnome type).


That’s not true unless they’ve changed it (keeping in mind that i took a six month break from the game between October and April). The event was always buffed find chance for gnomes and increased rewards from beating cedric

I have no idea how this rumor about buffed rewards during the event appeared. It was never in patch notes, it was never anything like that said by developers. I used 100+ Vault keys during the event and 100+ Vault keys outside of gnome event and there is no difference in rewards.
I’m not going to argue here, I’m sure that a lot of people will continue to believe in what they want - my previous post was to help those who want to know the real situation.


I think the idea was that the regular gnomes in the vault might have a higher chance to drop another vault key during gnome weekend, so people started saving up their keys for that reason… Probably not the case, but it would be interesting to know if anyone has been keeping track of vault key rewards

C’est dommage que tu n’a pas de chance jusqu’a maintenant, mais c’est seulement vendredi? Les gnomes sont rares, et autrefois j’ai joue beaucoup jeux sans gnomes.

(J’essaie de repondre, mon francais c’est si mauvais!)


Neritar sleeping with Salty?
Now that’s how rumors start :rofl:

So you tell me how you get 200 gnome keys in a week and you’ve been using them from here and then? If you said you spending 5-10 a week is more believable :wink:

This is not for me to clarify but Neritar may have hoarded vault keys.
Even myself I have used more than 200 keys overall since the vault was introduced.
It’s a question as to how itchy you are holding resources (and it itches a lot for me).


I obviously didn’t spend them during the current gnome event. My 142 Vault keys are waiting for Mecha Gnome.

c’est quoi mecha gnomes

Next type of gnome which will be released. Not useful in any way, only important for completionists with the full collection.

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The the conclusion is that you haven’t been checking and testing gnome keys and rewards consecutively, which makes your data and statement less valid

Where’s the original statement from the developers that said Treasure Vault rewards were buffed? If that doesn’t exist and there’s no data to back that up, I don’t see what there is to disprove.

EDIT: The very first Vault event I see on GOWDB only says:

Same as all the current event.

A huge Thank You to the Devs, you fixed the bug in Gnome Event Weekends… Reducing chances of a key found, you guts nailed it!!! After 6 hours of playing no Vault Keys dropped & only handful of gmones seen. Just seems like another attempt to discourage a player & make them move on.

There is no reason for the scarcity of the gnomes, turn the fricken frequency up already, we know you can & no it won’t hurt the games economy.

This is actually the most fun of the Gnome weekend: the inevitable threads from people who aren’t satisfied that the 1% got bumped to 2% or whatever and that doubling a small number doesn’t make it much bigger.

The end point’s true, though. It never feels like an “event” to me because even when I’m playing a lot, it doesn’t feel like I get enough. I think the event would be more well-received if we had some kind of loot counter on the event screen.

That’s… also an opportunity for a leaderboard I guess?


What’s really peculiar is that the same peeps who are jinxed with bad RNG with events,gem keys are as well jinxed with gnomes and the one that are blessed are blessed on everything always always always
It seems once you create a profile you get served a permanent RNG

Yeah, I know that theory isn’t true but I still subscribe to it. You can ask my guildmates, when it comes to converters like the Doomed weapons or even Mercy, I have phenomenally bad luck. I can go an entire GW without being able to cast a Doomed weapon almost every time. I just don’t use those teams anymore!

It’s just bad luck though. This kind of thing tends to happen to me in all games. Give me a game where your first gacha pull matters and I’ll pull the worst troop on my first try. Every time.

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