Vault event rework please

this is suppose to be vault event but we can see every gnome and the more gnome you add, the less chance we got to see treasure gnome.

Can we please only get the treasure gnome during this event?

Why would you only want the treasure gnome? I prefer seeing any gnome but the jewel gnome over the treasure gnome anytime.

To get more chance to get vault key

All gnomes have a chance to drop vault keys. I’ve gotten more drops from other gnomes even. The treasure gnome seems to have the least chance possibly due to having a higher pool of potential drops, but that could just be me.


Ok i must be really unlucky then cause jewel gnome never dropped a vault key for me

It’s definitely possible!

But yes, it’s fully depending on luck. Hope you’ll have better luck with the next Jewel Gnome you run into!

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As with all random based things in this game…

Since I write down vault event statistics (just out of personal curiosity): vault key drop rate has varied from five to nine percent (with about eight being the most common) and it doesn’t seem to be impacted by adding new gnomes. Last time (for me) it was about eight percent from Treasure Gnomes and eight percent from other gnomes. In a few days time I’ll see how it pans out this event.

@Saephism, unfortunately Pet Gnome does not have Vault key in it’s drop table.

Final day is starting and the outcome for me seems more or less the same as before. If anything, other gnomes have dropped more vault keys (9) than Treasure gnomes (6) with Soul Gnome being the most generous creature.
While one could argue that we now have less chance of obtaining gem/event keys that only Treasure Gnome drops, I don’t see any reason to complain about getting less vault keys specifically.

Pet gnomes can drop vault keys

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Every Gnome can drop a Vault key.

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Jewel gnome to drop nothing but shards or diamonds.
No Gnome should ever drop minor traitstones.

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Or 100 souls!!! Gnome events should be limited to the higher tier rewards.

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Mostly correct - Soul Gnomes have a higher chance to drop a Vault Key than a Treasure Gnome.

I’m sure it’s all in my head. And in the head of my veteran guild mates. But the Pet Gnome drop rate seemed unreasonably high this Vault weekend. I hope this would never be intended. So I’m assuming it was bugged a little.
Usually Vault weekends are a great way for people to get over their issues with the game and fall in love with it again. I’m not sensing that refreshed moral though… I’m blaming the Pet Gnome drop rate for this cause I can’t figure what else it could be.
Oh, I also only landed 1/3 of the usual amount of Vault keys I get. But I’m sure that was just “bad luck”. 🤷

yeah same here, i usually get 10+ and only got one, that really suck when you play that much and get nothing

We haven’t changed the drop-rates for Pet Gnomes or the appearance of Gnomes. So, RNG? :wink:

the problem isn’t the gnome appearance, i saw a ton lol they just didin’t drop the precious vault key :slight_smile:

I think the issue is that in ~100 battles about 10 - 15 gnomes will drop (during an event weekend) and can expect just 1 or 2 vault keys from these.

Then, many people are trying to get a Jewel / Soul / Pet gnome for their collection from the Vault Keys.

Perhaps for every 10 vault keys you get 1 or 2 vault troops (even though legendary Cedric seems to drop far (far far) more often than the common gnomes).

So to try and get the missing common gnomes, it woukd seem to take 1,000’s of battles or an immense measure of favourable rng.

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another solution would be to make it like guardians and when you got a mythic gnome , it stop to drop