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Vault Event and Stormheim

Has it been cancelled or is there something wrong with Stormheim and treasure gnome spawns?

I spent around 100 battles farming various kingdoms and got around 16 Treasure Gnomes with most being from Pridelands I believe. Anyway, after Pridelands, I moved onto Stormheim to farm towards Knight, Justice and Penguin to get them done. Over 100 battles and guess how many treasure gnomes? 1… 1 despite an increased drop rate… I’m pretty sure that shouldn’t happen and it makes me think there is something horribly wrong with the event or it might be Stormheim causing an issue.

Any help from the developers? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

The normal drop rate for treasure Gnomes is 1:30. During Vault events it seems like it’s 1:15.
For a time you had 16:100 which is about 1:6 which is way above the normal drop rate. You had a really lucky streak. And then a bad luck streak to even it out.
Total you had 17 treasure Gnomes from 200 battles. Putting you at 1:14ish drop rate ratio. Indicating that it’s working as intended.


It’s unlikely, but still possible, to find 100 Gnomes in 100 Battles or 0 Gnomes in 1000 battles…

The higher the sample (number of battles) more accurate things tends to work.