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Variations of the kraken-mab loop

Hello I have been trying to come up with variations of the kraken mab loop team but can’t figure out any options that suit the troops that I have any ideas?

Variations I know about

FT Khorvash
Nyx Valkyrie
Kraken Justice
Mab Mab

I also tried

Giant spider

Anything red &/or yellow

Forest troll
Anything green &/or brown

Green seer
Giant spider
Anything green & /or purple

Wow thx @Casper1875

No worries :+1:t2:

If you have the troops, try
Green seer
Giant spider
Forest Guardian

Potential 4-way loop there if you play carefully enough, I used it a lot when I started on mobile after playing on console for a few years.

Hellcat, Alchemist + Yao Guai, Titania, Hero with Death Knell also offers perfect loops.

Green Seer
Queen Grapplepot
Anything else. Good choices are another QG or Sister Superior for cleanse to make sure that enemy gets no moves.