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Vanguard in PvP for +5 Bonus Glory?

So, using this troop in PvP for 5 glory bonus per battle seems … a bit slow for 5 glory. A couple questions:

  1. Do you have to win the fight to receive the 5 glory bonus? I know you can’t retreat, but do you have to win?
  2. Is it worth doing if it impedes you from your normal 3-trophy ranked fights w/ higher gold and glory potential?

Regarding team-building around him (I refuse to play casual PvP, so only taking ranked into consideration) - 3 questions:

  1. Would you take the approach of adding him to your speed explore team with sunbird/rowanne/firebomb and just farming 1 trophy teams hoping for wins? -or-
  2. Do you have a team of 3 that can carry him or any other event troop when you need to on weeks where the event is like this one? -or-
  3. Do you go through the effort of building a strong, viable, and competitive team capable of consistently winning 2T-3T teams in ranked PvP with this new Knight/Centaur?

I’m going to reply here with some teams I think might work, because I personally love the centaur race but am not sure if the true mythics I’m missing would hamper my ability to really be competitive with an all-centaur or all-knight team utilizing the Vanguard troop.

Here’s the link to my GOWDB troop collection for anyone willing to help on some team-building possibilities:

Thanks in advance – I’ll share anything I come up with, too!

  • Derek, aka Aurora Borealis, rep. Apollo and Artemis of OLYMPIA

I don’t have any good team suggestions, but I can confirm that no, you don’t have to win the match to get the bonus glory, you get it even if you lose :slight_smile:

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This alone is very, very helpful. LOL :wink::clap:

I’m currently seeing how viable fully traited:

Astral Spirit

May be. Don’t have Artema traited or I’d throw her in first slot. If Raid Boss event wasn’t going on using my hero class, I’d put the hero in there with centaur’s class + weapon. Hmmm.

don’t level, don’t ascend, don’t trait vanguard.

3 fire bomb

fight 3 trophy. quick 5 glory if vanguard dies early from skull.

I don’t usually bother with these events and the only time I’ve been under 20k Glory was because I got obsessed with pulling willow and was burning through event keys.

I mean OK let’s say you do a fast loss with that @jeno team, which is pretty clever. We see arcanes trade at 300 for 1 and sometimes 400 for 2. So somewhere around 250 glory is what we might value “an arcane” at. You have to lose 50 matches to get it.

Now imagine, instead, you do Sunbird with 3 fire bomb and do 50 Explore matches. You’ll probably see a couple gnomes. You’ll get about 20k gold. You’ll get some souls. And you expect to get about 3 arcanes over this interval, give or take 1.

So you lose resources to get fewer rewards. Womp womp.

Now like, @Stan’s suggestion below me, at least you get some souls out of the deal. That messes up the calculus.


For explore event weeks, I can throw anything behind Sunbird/FB/FB and collect the bonus stuff with little or no noticeable drop in performance.

For PVP weeks, I generally ignore the event, but the 3-troop team that I can throw anything behind and at least do casual or selective ranked PVP is Krystenax/Sylvanimora/TDS. You give up a little performance by not having a 4th dragon on that team, but I’ve had Pharos in 4th slot for so long that I wouldn’t even notice. I see you don’t have the 3rd trait on Sylvia, but if you have the stones or orbs to do it, it’s a very solid 3 troop core that can AOE it’s way through most PVP defenses. 5 glory might be worthwhile for me this week if I end up having some time to grind.


AWESOME! Thank you. I’ve wanted to get final trait on sylvanimora for ages, just never priotized it. I can see this working. Once Raid Boss sigils are used up on any given day, since I can put a halt on soul-farming for a bit, I figured I might as well try some glory-farming using the event troop. TY!

  1. W/L Answered
  2. Worth It? Answered (I agree with the NOs)

For kicks only, I created and tried this in fast 1T PvP: 5/5 some battles were fast some, some slow
Artema, Vanguard, The Worldbreaker, Star Gazer

Opening cast Star Gazer on Artema, skull smash w/ Armor Piercing and use Vanguard and Artema to setup Skulls. WB could be swapped if you don’t have him, but you know he’s nice.

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EDIT: Oh I see you don’t have Ishballa fully traited yet. That kills the whole idea then.

Just got Infernus wisdom orbs will come in handy for him, was waiting to trait Ketras for when I had a team that would be worth it, Ishballa is overdue and will trait her now.

Thank YOU!

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