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Vampire, Werewolf and Dinosaurs as types of creatures

This is a request that I’m sure many players would like.

We RPG players have seen these classes in many games and many of us love them.
I know that in Gems of War we already have the Werewolf that turns into Vilager (and vice versa) and the Nosferatu that turns into Werewolf (Umberwolf) and bat, but I believe they would be even cooler if they had these characteristics marked like classes.

Others who deserved the Vampire class would be Carmella and Draakulis. Although Draakulis may be our Dracula these days, having a Vlad troop would be exciting.

Werewolf and Vampire could be present in several kingdoms like Ghulvania (which already have representatives of the class), Khetar, Blighted Lands and even in Dhrak-Zum, Grosh-Nak or Urskaya (Gems has a horizon of creativity to be expanded).

Dinosaurs can also appear in various realms like Dragon’s Claw, Drifiting Sands, Leonis Empire and Grosh-Nak. It was very cool to see the Mosasaurus in Merlantis. A Pterosaur in Suncrest would also be interesting.

Except Mosasaurs and Pterosaurs aren’t dinosaurs.

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Not in Gems of War. As a research, they are prehistoric reptiles classified as aquatic and flying dinosaurs.

I believe that with the creativity we already know in Gems of War, creatures like T-Rex, Allosaurus, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Dimetrodon and others, would play a big part in the battles.

In addition, the traits that steal life with simple gemstone gestures, as in Yao Guai and Nimue (and in future in the High King Irongut) are classic classic traits of vampires.

I feel vampires fit well as undead typing since many games like Diablo treat such enemies as undead for damage bonus purposes. We have only one werewolf and the umberwolf but that’s more of a vampire. We also have wargare which I think can work well with a separation of all werewolves are wargare, but vampiric ones are undead, and others are beast or some other fitting subtype.

Mtg recently added dinosaurs and some older beasts were retconned to dinosaurs. I feel outside of a new kingdom, we don’t have enough to make another type currently, but if it does come out I’d imagine they would do it like the big wildfolk split a while back.

Plus I would want actual support and not like styx. Tauros have way better synergy in comparison.

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Although vampire is a kind of undead, I really would like to see them featured. The undead always remind me of skeletons, ghouls and zombies. Vampires, though they fall into this class, remind me of something with more personality, more charm, and personal characteristics. Skeletons and zombies are generic, vampires are unique, every vampire is unique.

It may just be a passion for the class, but I believe they would have their brilliance in the hordes of Gems of War.

As for the Wargare, I think it would be nice to distinguish them from the Werewolves. They seem more humanized, more apt to live with other species, while Werewolves sound more aggressive and fit only to live with their packs.
It would be interesting to see Wargare and Werewolves distinguished in the game.

On balance, vampires could be focused on sucking the lives of enemies (like the Draakulis or Yao Guai / Nimue in their traits). Werewolves could cause continuous damage with bleeding and who knows Dinosaurs could be a new generation of Tankers?

I dream a lot when I’m creating (I’m a writer), but I see in Gems of War an incredible universe of possibilities.

I’d be very surprised if GoW needs, or would be improved by, yet more troop types. Unless something was materially changed in the last few weeks, there are still the great majority of types that cannot consistently build viable teams. Easier to list the types that can: Divines, Dragons, Dwarfs, maybe Daemons, ummm… dunno what else…

Whatever effort the devs put into adding troops should focus on making more of those existing types playable. It’s the Quality over Quantity argument again…