Useless chaos shards?

I regularly do everyday delves, and now I have over 100k chaos shards. And seeing that the only one more faction will be added to the game, I want to ask: what should I do with all these chaos shards? I’ll spend something like 10-20k in the Fire Rift, and then what? Just useless resource to pile up (if I continue with everyday delves)? I have all factions fully developed, so I do not need to spend chaos shards anymore.

And seeing a new currency (cursed stones) added to the game, I have a suggestion: maybe let people craft cursed stones with chaos shards?

Chaos shards can bow create Chaos Orbs.

Some also like to spend them just to get the treasures in order to raise hoards higher for the sake of making Tuesday’s runs go faster


Why are you of the opinion that future Kingdoms won’t also have delve factions? We just had a brand new kingdom added, Nexus, with a previously unannounced faction accompanying it. The devs put together a whole apparatus for releasing new kingdoms with Kingdom Pass, so I highly doubt they did all that for just one forthcoming kingdom.

I wouldn’t do anything crazy with them as they seem like they’ll still be needed in the future for future content. Plus, as Magnusimus mentioned, older currencies have been getting turned into crafting components to keep them somewhat relevant. If anything, I’d just refrain from doing daily delves if you have everything maxed and beaten and reclaim some of your day.

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Thing is, though, unless they add a new kingdom(with attached faction) more than once a month, OP’s surplus will just continue to grow.

Since it seems unlikely we’ll even get one kingdom a month, I don’t think that’s really a feasible “use” (except maybe for what you suggest : no longer playing the mode to earn the currency, coasting off what’s already been stockpiled instead).

This is good news for anyone catching up, I suppose, but bad for anyone used to a certain amount of new cards every month :man_shrugging:

Personally I stopped doing daily delves - I don’t need the shards any more now that I have finished the Underworld and I can spend my time hunting medals in explore while also getting more gold etc

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Oh, on Orbs of Chaos. Right now I have enough orbs for the second ZG, I just do not need it. The last special Mythic added (Dark Smith Drenza) does not need orbs for his crafting. so I just wait for another one.

If the devs want to add more kingdoms, it will happen in spring only. Spoilers do not show anything but Fire Rift for now. When I asked Sirrian about new kingdoms some 1-2 years ago (in one of Salty’s streams), he answered that they did not plan adding more kingdoms without new localizations. And now we see Nexus added just like Sin of Maraj or Bright Forest, not bound to any particular language or culture.

Yes, the whole Kingdom Pass thing gives us some hope. If only the devs could dedicate more resources (RL resources) to the game…

Didn’t one of the more recent mythic recipes in the Soulforge (not Drenza) require 8 Orbs of Power as well? I recall two others, one requiring 8 Major Orange orbs and one requiring 8 Major Blue orbs as well.

Enraged Kurandara and Zuul’goth are the only ones iirc

Tangential: does crafting EK consume the original Kurandara? Never seen both troops in a PvP defense team, and not planning to craft EK anytime soon to get first hand info for my guildies
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Nah, I still have mine.

Pretty sure I didn’t get it through some other means, but it’s been over a year now, so, who knows (my memory doesn’t always serve :joy:) :thinking:

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No. Ever since the original “Heart of Rage” fiasco, those Soulforge recipes and new recipes subsuquently released using a similar paradigm no longer consume the lesser troop. This goes not just for Enraged Kurandara, but for all the troops that can be crafted using the Tarot troops.


Additionally, EK crafting recipe doesn’t even require Kurandara to be used (souls + power orbs + Heart of Rage).