Usable PvP map, please

Can we please get a sensible, usable zoom for the PvP map?

It’s annoyingly hard to see where we’ve voted or to find our region bonuses or frenzy regions when there are at best 4 regions on the map, usually fewer.

That has been bothering me for so long, and sometimes I really don’t even want to participate in PvP things because searching for anything takes so long.

It should not look like (near) maximum zoom on the main map when (almost) everything could fit on one screen and we could still make out all signs and symbols.

Please, fix this ASAP.


Yes, please! With only 10 regions on the map there’s ZERO justification or explanation for forcing us to keep scrolling around.

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There’s plenty of room for “Immortals Regions”

Oh no! :sweat_smile::joy:

But even so, we should still be able to zoom out like we can on the main map. (Addressing the devs again, not you of course.)

Not even asking to have everything on one screen but right now, yikes.