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Urska Dragoon description

maybe I do not understand the concept of DEMAGE in the game (deformation about paper RPG :rofl: ) but I think the new troops “Urska Dragoon” have a bug.

In description:
If the enemy is wounded, become Enraged and deal 10 more damage is correct?
Reality the troop does 10 more damage and becomes furious even if it simply hits the armor (it is not wounded)

Is this a system error or my interpretation mistake? :thinking:

At this point the Devs are surely just trolling us with their inconsistent and convoluted mess of spell key words.


This entire game is about trolling the player.

Likely a bug about the game not properly checking the condition required for extra damage, and just always do it every time.

The same issue happened with Caprinicus and Piper in Pan’s Vale week, so if it’s really a bug, they will fix it soon.

Edit : Just checked it in Explode battles myself. Extra damage seems to be working correctly: only add 10 more when hitting troop with orange life point. Enrage though, it always happened no matter what the condition is. Damn you, angry bear!

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I like this game (even if they are destroying wars :disappointed_relieved:). I just wanted to figure out if it was a Bug.
Now extra demage work correctly some times :sunglasses:
For example. Hero with 12 Armour points receives only 30 damage :unamused:
Enrage ALWAYS :rofl:
A bug error can always be there. It will be correct :slight_smile:

causes stunning too

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Yeah, just noticed that as well. I don’t even think this happened yesterday.

So now, if the condition for 10 extra damage is met, Urska Dragoon also stunned the enemy. Enrage still always happened whenever he cast.

I don’t think this is limited to Urska Dragoon, as I sometimes see my troop randomly stunned enemies as well: my Oracle-Thingamabob did it once.

Kappadocio, you should move this post to “bug report” section, as this bug is getting curious and curiouser…

i moved it :sunglasses:

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Hey looks like the damage is being dealt correctly.

I’ve made a bug report for the Enraged status effect though.


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