Urgent question about frozen troops

Hello Gemmers!

I use Queen Mab frequently, and since I got her third trait I have started to wonder how freeze works.

Does freezing stop all extra turns no matter what troop is frozen? As I understood, it was enough to have ONE frozen troop to lose ALL extra turns.

If so, strange things are happening to me :wink:

When the enemy’s 2nd or 3rd troop is frozen, sometimes they get an extra turn anyway, sometimes even when their 1st troop is frozen! Even the frozen troop can sometimes cast a spell. Weird… Could somebody please explain.

All good answers appreciated!

Having a troop frozen only means that extra turns earned by that troop are lost.

So 4 or 5-of-a-kind in that troop’s mana colours don’t count, if it’s the top troop then 4 or 5-of-a-kind skulls don’t count, and any extra turns due to that troop’s powers don’t count.

But extra turns due to other troops or 4 or 5-of-a-kind in other mana colours still count so they can still get some extra turns.

Hope this helps.



Thank you very much for your quick and good response. You explained it well. Much appreciated!


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Think of it this way - Freezing a unit does two distinctly different things:

  • It makes that unit no longer get extra turns. So if they’re the top unit on your stack and you match 4+ skulls, they won’t get an extra turn. If their spell says “blah blah blah and gain an extra turn”, you won’t get that extra turn part. This part of the effect impacts actions that unit takes.
  • It makes that unit’s colors stop giving extra turns. So if they’re Blue/Green and they get Frozen, then no 4+ matches of Blue or Green will give an extra turn. This part of the effect works completely regardless of whether the Frozen unit is the one that got the mana or not.


Thank you for that explanation. I like the bold font-weight to highlight the important parts of your answer. It gave me a much deeper understanding of freeze tactics.