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Upgrading troops past level 20

I wanted to know how to level up my Mythic troops over level 20. I see mobile players in the level 30 and 40th level. My main reason is I have seen someone with a King Krystenax at level 30 and they could summon 3 drakon instead of 1 like me.
I am all unique dragons at Mythics level 20 and I can’t seem to figure out how these people more past level 20

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You sure you weren’t looking at dungeons?


Every “Boss” troop in dungeons mode have a “special” ability.
Those are not available for normal player owned troops.
Neither is leveling past level 20.



I know the majority gonna hate me for this. But I really wants another ascension option, even if it gives only one magic to the troop or something… I take it any day.

I won’t hate you, i nerver disenchant

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Lol no no… It was PvP for sure

There’s no way to progress past level 20 as a player. You might be seeing inflated stats because you’ve bumped up your difficulty modifier, but enemy player troop level is capped at 20 in PvP, Guild Wars, and Arena.


How come then in a couple of battle last week in one of the events there were opposition at level 24?
It was/is unfair to have fought them at that level if we can’t progress higher than level 20.

Define “events,” please. Depending on the game mode, enemy troops can and will go well above level 20. Those fights should never be against a player-created team though (PvP, Guild Wars, Arena).


As a PLAYER, any player, including PvP opponents 20 is the max, period. You were not looking at a player if the level was over 20.

As an “Event created team” currently lvl 500 is the max. Different events have different max lvls. Dungeon is 40. Pet Rescue is 100. Delve is 500. In addition Arena/Explore/Challenge lets you change the difficulty (increasing raw stats by different %).

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I thought this was discussed above, but it’s not exceptionally clear. So let’s break it down event-by-event.

Vs. Player Events

These are events where the teams you fight are built by other players and come from that player’s collection. In these battles, there is no legal way for a troop to exceed level 20. The statistics might be boosted if you have changed the mode’s difficulty modifier, but not all modes have one of those. For reference, the vs. Player events are:

  • PvP (ranked and casual)
  • Arena
  • Guild Wars
  • Battles you initiate via profile.

Vs. CPU Events with Vs. Player semantics

These events pit you against a team that is not affiliated with a player. However, they do not use scaling difficulty and thus are subject to the level 20 cap. In these events, you cannot face troops that are a higher level than 20. However, you might face troops that are not yet released or are impossible to collect like King Gorgotha. Also, there may be a difficulty modifier that makes the level 20 troops much more powerful. For reference, these modes are:

  • Explore
  • Dungeon
  • Challenges
  • Vault

Vs. Scaling Level CPU

In these events, you fight against teams that are not affiliated with a player and that will increase in level past 20. The stats might further be boosted if a difficulty modifier is present. For reference, these events are:

  • Raid Boss
  • Invasion
  • Bounty Hunt
  • Pet Rescue
  • Delve
  • Faction Event
  • Class Event

If you feel like you have seen a higher-than-level-20 opponent outside of these modes, you should take a screenshot of both the troop stats AND the troop card confirming it is higher than level 20. Without screenshots to prove it, it’s too easy to assume you had a difficulty modifier and forgot.


Thanks for explaining all of that to me very much appreciated Thankyou slypenslyde

Can someone explain how we get to these then if we can’t pass 20th lvl on our characters

If Im not able to go past 20th lvl and I buy these I cant reach up to get them. Why even buy them or give a option to buy something you can never achieve

It’s once your Hero gets to level 50 and/or 150.
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What happens if you disenchant?

What about challenges, tier level VIII? It seems unfair that opponents are level 100. I don’t know what the rewards are after the diamonds. Have you gotten past them?

@Grandjen because this is an okd thread Slyp was talking about Challenges in their old iteration — they have since been reworked to have scaling enemies and tiered rewards. You can learn more about them here: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000301226-Challenges

If you’re struggling to beat scaled content, try this winning combination: Shield of Urskaya (gotten by playing with the Sentinel class) + Rowanne. You will be able to beat anything safely, pretty much regardless of your level.

Mang is also similar, but that requires more skill to manage the board and avoid dying by skulls.

As for your final question: disenchanting troops converts them into souls. Some long-time players are wary of doing so because once upon a time there was no mythic rarity. When that was introduced, therefore, people suddenly needed more copies of cards they had already traded away for souls, meaning people were upset. Now, to avoid a similar thing happening in the case of an ascension level being introduced above cerulean (mythic), many players never disenchant anything.

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